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Unanswered prayers: Garth Brooks wants to do concert at Boone Pickens Stadium, but says it’s impossible

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Garth Brooks performs in Tulsa

Garth Brooks earned a degree in advertising from Oklahoma State in 1984.

Garth Brooks desperately wants to perform at OSU – but according to him, it is impossible.

“Logistically, it’s not possible to play there,” Brooks told The O’Colly in an exclusive interview airing Friday on O’Colly TV. “Would I want to play there? Hell yeah. That’d be like ordering two buffets at a pizza joint. There’s no better place to play.”

Brooks, a 1984 alumnus, has been doing a stadium tour since 2019, but Boone Pickens Stadium never came up as a possible location. As a result, thousands of Twitter users started the “#GarthToBPS” campaign in an attempt to persuade the two-time Grammy winner to play there. Unfortunately for these users, Boone Pickens Stadium is not built properly to suit Brooks’ concerts.

“The problem with Boone Pickens is it’s built exactly opposite for concerts,” Brooks said. “It’s not built for how we play in the round stadiums. If we were front on, we’d be fine. But since we’re at 360 (degree angle), the stadium is built more in a ‘U’ and where the opening of the ‘U’ needs to be is exactly opposite of where it needs to be.”

However, Brooks did not completely shut down the idea of playing in Stillwater. The artist said he would be willing to play at Willie’s Saloon on Washington Street – where he played his first big concert in 1985. 

“If I had a place to pick to play there, it’d be Willie’s,” Brooks said. “I would love to play Willie’s again.”

When discussing how a potential concert in Stillwater would be, Brooks passionately talked about his school. He said he appreciates the people at OSU and thinks they would show him a great time. 

“That’s what’s fun about anything at Oklahoma State: It’s going to be a party, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to be sincere and it’s going to be loud as hell,” Brooks said.