About The O'Colly

The O’Colly Media Group (OMG!) is an independent news and information organization that operates under the School of Media & Strategic Communications at Oklahoma State University. The mission of OMG! is to provide a professional environment where students create outstanding journalism and help the local community. It is an organization that ensures that OSU communications students have an opportunity to put their classroom learning and career goals into practice in a real-world setting.

In May of 2018, under new leadership, OMG! took a giant step to expand its distribution to a broader audience through the addition of new media platforms. Today, the O’Colly Media Group is home to the O’Colly Newspaper, O’Colly Creative, O’Colly Advertising, O’Colly TV, O’Colly Radio, and O’CollyTV’s Streaming service available on ROKU, AppleTV and Amazon Fire Stick.

Aligning with Oklahoma State University’s land grant mission, O’Colly Media’s initiative is to fulfill outreach programs that are valuable to our community. With the support of Dr. Craig Freeman, Director, School of Media and Strategic Communications, OMG! opened its doors to any OSU student interested in creating content for the OMG! organization. The media expansion and professional environment provides a cohesive organization that offers students a platform to prepare for future media opportunities.