Young stars light fire under team in fifth sweep of the year

OSU MTennis vs. San Diego-11.jpg

Cowboy freshman Oscar Moraing returns a rally in his singles match during Oklahoma State's tennis match against Northwestern on Sunday, February 9, 2020, at Greenwood Tennis Center in Stillwater.

Freshmen Oscar Moraing and Etienne Donnet’s successes were two of many highlights in a 4-0 Cowboy victory against Northwestern.

The brooms were out for the Cowboys (6-2) again, as they picked up their fifth sweep of the year. While the experienced players like Matej Vocel and Dominik Kellovsky finished out their doubles and singles successfully, the freshmen core was noticed in its singles matches.

Assistant coach Scoville Jenkins credited Donnet for sticking with his plan from before the match.

“The thing with [Donnet] is he practices like he plays in the match,” Jenkins said.

Donnet took his match on Court 5 against Northwestern’s Trice Pickens, 6-3,6-4.

While Jenkins was happy about Donnet’s performance, he also said that Donnet will make the opponent earn everything that is thrown at them.

“He is competitive,” Jenkins said. “He is going to make you basically beat them,” Jenkins said.

 As for the other freshman,, Jenkins described Moraing as someone who has a similar game style as his freshman peer.

“He’s kind of the same as Etienne,” Jenkins said. “He plays the same in the matches in practice.” 

Moraing overcame his first set, in which he went down, 3-6. While he missed three deuce points in the first set, Jenkins credited his will to come back and forget about the opportunities missed in that first set.

“You kind of know when he went down in that first set, I know he’s going to fight here in the second set and make some adjustments,” Moraing said.

While also overcoming the first set, Jenkins commented about his jitters and how he handled it to finish the game.

“You kind of see he was a little nervous, but he overcame those nerves and he’s playing the right tennis,” Jenkins said.

Kellovsky and Donnet clinched the doubles point with a commanding 7-5 win. Kellovsky, as the older player, had his take on his role to help develop Donnet.

“[Etienne] was a little nervous in the doubles, so for me it was really important to keep him on a positive vibe and not put him down or whatever,” Kellovsky said.

Kellovsky expanded on his effort to keep him up. He said the most important aspect of the game was to stay intact.

“I saw that he just doesn’t feel great and that he has to just get the feeling that he’s actually playing well,” Kellovsky said. “That was probably the most important thing that we stay together.”

Matej Vocel gave his take on his dominant doubles point teaming up with Emile Hudd finishing with a 6-2 win.

“I think we played our best doubles, we just made everything,” Vocel said.