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Winning NIL-NIL: Q&A with Barstool Athlete Alex Morris

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Alex Morris

Alex Morris kicks the ball down the field. 

Alex Morris doesn’t play soccer like a sophomore with only three starts under her belt.

Morris fought through injury last season to gain the trust of her coaching staff and has appeared in each of the Cowgirls’ six games this season.

Additionally, in wake of NIL regulations relaxing for college athletes, Morris announced she was a Barstool Athlete. The O’Colly caught up with Morris to ask about the announcement.

Q: How did becoming a Barstool Athlete start?

“Honestly, my high school friends who don’t really play sports kind of encouraged me to do it, so I just did it.”

Q: What is the application process like?

“You basically fill out a form, and that’s what your school is, what your name is, what division you are because I think right now (Barstool) is only accepting D1. Then they tell you if you are approved and then you have to put ‘Barstool Athlete’ in your bio for Twitter and Instagram and then you have to send them a screenshot of your bio.”

“It took a long time for them to look through it, so I think they really look into the details of it and make sure you actually play that sport. You have to put all your social media, the website for your school soccer page and all that stuff.”

Q: How long did it take them?

“Probably about a month from the time I filled (the form) out to the time it was posted.”

Q: What do you get out of it?

“I got some cool gear. They send you this link to get a T-shirt, sweatpants and I think one other thing, but it’s all priced at like $10,000, but they give you a code so that you can get it for free.”

Q: What does the gear look like?

“(The items) just have a Barstool logo on it.”

Q: Has the gear come in yet?

“No, not yet. And my roommate (OSU soccer freshman) Jenna (Mendoza) did it too, she ordered hers a little bit before me and it still hasn’t come in yet.

Q: Do you like Barstool Sports?

A: “I like a lot of their podcasts and stuff, I think they’re funny.”

Q: What’s your favorite podcast?

“The one with Josh Richards. I just like it, it’s funny and it’s a lot of drama.”