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Uniforms provide an important meaning to Cowboy football

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Cowboy Battalion jersey

For the last 10 years, Oklahoma State has been making a name for itself on the football field with its vast amounts of uniform combinations and colors.

Since teaming up with Nike, OSU has been known for some of the best uniforms in college football. Not only is it fun for the fans and the players, but it helps recruiting as well.

“We still get comments in recruiting about the variety and different things and colors that we have,” coach Mike Gundy said. “So, in my opinion as big a deal today as it was 10 years ago.”

But how the uniforms come together is all behind the scenes with the team behind the team led by head equipment manager Justin Williams.

“Justin Williams has done a great job working with Nike,” Gundy said. “It’s an extremely difficult job to try to lay these uniforms out and mix and match. Keep the fans happy, keep administration happy and keep the player happy and it all has to be down at least one year in advance and in some instances two years in advance.”

With Williams and his equipment staff handling a majority of the behind the scenes aspects of the football team, the coaches have more time to focus on practices and scouting, but players do have a voice in the uniform selection.

As a coach at a Power Five school, Gundy has busy days, and having an equipment staff work hard behind the scenes gives him one less item to worry about during a game week.

“I stay out of all that,” Gundy said. “It’s one area I don’t have to get involved in that allows me to do something else during the day.”