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Trojan Horse: What Texas Tech said after the loss to OSU

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The Oklahoma State Cowboys beat the Texas Tech Red Raiders 23-0. Here is what Texas Tech had to say following the game.

Coach Sonny Cumbie on Tech’s performance:

“Well obviously just disappointed. Very disappointed in our performance on our offense. Oklahoma State is a really good football team, defensively, offensively, and on special teams. Coach Gundy, he’s done a great job with that team and that program. Our players played very hard and uninspired on defense. Offensively we could never get into a rhythm.”

Cumbie on the Oklahoma State defense:

“They were as advertised. Their defense front was really good. They were very stout, they were hard to move. Really hard to create any space in the run game. And in the back end they did a really good job in man coverage. Playing enough zone to keep you off balance.

"Giving you a pre-snap look of it always being the same. Whether it be man or zone, they did enough zone looks to keep our quarterbacks guessing, and keep them off balance. Hats off to coach Knowles. He’s done a phenomenal job. They’ve done a great job. Really good defense.”

The Cowboys defense completely shutdown the Red Raiders’ offense. The Cowboys only allowed 26 rushing yards and 83 passing yards, and also allowed zero points in the game.

TTU right guard Josh Burger on the Cowboys D-line:

“It was a battle. They’re everything and more that we thought they were gonna be. Respect to them they’re a stout d-line. Id say even from last year they’re much improved. You know 89, 98, 9, and 42 they’re legit. They’re a really good defensive line.”

The Cowboys defense accumulated five sacks in their win against Tech. In their last four games, the OSU defense has only allowed 16 points.