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'Three-lan' Boone: Forward improving 3-point shot

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Keylan Boone

Most athletes would love to double their stats.

Oklahoma State forward Keylan Boone has done just that. He has nearly doubled his scoring and 3-point shooting stats compared to his past season. 

Boone averaged four points throughout the 2020-21 season. Over the course of the first five games of this season, Boone is shooting over 46% from three, and averaging eight points per game.

This is a large leap from last season, where Boone shot 27% from behind the arc. He is also taking more attempts, as Boone is on pace to shoot nearly two times more threes than he did last year.

Boone seems more confident in his three point shot as well. In OSU’s victory against Prairie View A&M, Boone attempted five 3-point shots, including catch-and-shoot threes as well as pulling up from behind the arc. Boone attempted more than five three’s in only two games last season.

Last season’s 3-point shooting percentage was of concern for Boone, but believes he found a reason for his improvement.

“I know the good ones to pull,” Boone said. “Every now and then we’ll have a heat check. But I’m playing it smart right now. Last year I was not in the gym as much, now I’m working. I know the ones I’m supposed to shoot because the work is adding up to it.”

Last season, Boone’s highest scoring output was in the final game of OSU’s season, when he scored 13 points against Oregon State in the NCAA Tournament. Boone only scored double digits in three games of the Cowboys' games this past season. He already has two games of 10 or more points in five games, like when he scored 11 points in eight minutes vs UMass-Lowell.

Boone said he believes his change in mindset during the off-season will propel him forward this season.

“Last year I thought one dimensionally about scoring,” Boone said. “Now I’m just focused on playing hard and helping the team. Everything else will add on itself. I fell in love with playing hard, and I found my rhythm.”