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The Washington connection: Taylor Roe's decision to come to OSU

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OSU sophomore Taylor Roe runs the home stretch to a second place finish in the women's 6K during the Cowboy Jamboree cross country meet on Saturday, October 3, 2020, at the OSU Cross Country Course in Stillwater.

There are 1,980 miles from Lake Stevens, Washington, to Stillwater. That’s how far cross-country runner Taylor Roe traveled to run at OSU.

Roe’s connection to OSU initially started with coach Dave Smith, another Washington native, sending her a letter in the mail.

“When Oklahoma State first reached out, I was kind of thrown off because I thought that there was no way Oklahoma State could be good at running,” Roe said. “Coach (Dave Smith) wrote in his card that he was from Washington and that stood out to me. Once I looked at the program, I realized that Oklahoma State is really good at running and I should be talking to them.”

After Roe received the letter from Smith, she said they started talking on a regular basis and building a strong relationship.

“Talking to Dave from Day One, I always knew when he called that I had trust in him,” Roe said. “I always joke around with him and tell him that wherever he was coaching, I would have gone.”

As Smith and Roe built their relationship once she got to OSU, Roe says that Smith has always believed in her.

“Dave has such as strong belief in everyone he sees,” Roe said. “Last year I was going through freshman struggles and he really believed in me when I didn’t see it.”