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The boys without a nickname: Cabbiness and McCusker wreak havoc Saturday

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Carson McCusker

Carson McCusker up to bat

They aren’t just teammates, they are boys.

Cade Cabbiness and Carson McCusker have been destroying opposing pitchers and living life together for a long time.

“Me and Cade have spent a lot of time together,” McCusker said. “It’s our fourth year together, we went to summer ball together. I mean, that’s my guy.”

Although they are both tall senior corner outfielders, they don’t have an official nickname. If they continue their torrid pace, they will undoubtedly get one soon. They both went ham against University of North Carolina Wilmington Seahawks on Saturday in a doubleheader where the Cowboys won the first game 7-6 and the second 10-3.

“I don’t think anyone’s ever given us a nickname, but I’ll tell you what, it’s fun having (McCusker) back out there,” Cabbiness said.

Against the Seahawks on Saturday, McCusker had four hits, five RBI and two home runs. Cabbiness, who batted just one spot later in the lineup, recorded two hits, three walks and a home run.

“I think we were both pretty locked in at the plate and we were able to score some runs off each other,” McCusker said. “I struck out one at bat and Cade was right behind me to pick me up, get a base hit with the bases loaded and score two runs. We just kind of feed off each other and pick each other up when we can.”

Cabbiness showed extreme plate discipline in the first game drawing three walks and didn’t miss his chance in the nightcap when he saw a hittable pitch. He hammered a home run to right field for the first score of the game.

“Normally I wouldn’t say this, but I crushed that ball,” Cabbiness said. “That was one of the hardest balls I’ve hit in college so that one felt good. It was just one of this swing where your eyes blink and it happens.”

Nicknames are usually handed to players who excel on the field but are even better people off it. Cabbiness and McCusker fit the bill of both.

“I think they’re both fantastic kids,” OSU coach Josh Holliday said. “They’ve been a joy to be around, they work hard, they’re awesome people, they treat people with respect. They’re the kinds of kids you would be blessed if your daughter had a chance to meet.”

“They’re pillars of our team and they stand for everything that we do.”

Having spent the last four years together, performing in games at an elite level, and being stand up guys off the field, it seems odd the pair hasn’t gathered a nickname yet. However, as all baseball players know, some nicknames are better left unsaid.

“Some of those nicknames are secret. You got to keep a few things under the hat,” Holliday said.