4 takeaways from OSU vs. KSU

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Yor Anei dribbles during the Oklahoma State vs. TCU men's basketball game on Wednesday, February 5, 2020 at Gallagher-Iba Arena in Stillwater.

The Oklahoma State men's basketball team desperately needed a win tonight to boost its confidence.

Luckily the Cowboys didn't disappoint as they defeated Kansas State 64-59.

Here are a few thoughts from the game.

Best performance from Anei of Big 12 season

This was an exceptional performance from Yor Anei, one he desperately needed after only playing eight minutes in Saturday's loss to Baylor. 

Anei excelled on both sides of the court and was perfect on offense shooting 6-for-6 from the field including a 3-pointer. Yes, you read that correctly. Anei, who jokingly called himself a combo guard in the preseason shot and made a 3-pointer.

Boynton probably held his breath when he saw the 6-foot-10 forward shot it and then let out a big sigh of relief when he scored. 

This is the Yor Anei OSU needs. Not the early Big 12 Anei who had almost no confidence. OSU needs the NIT preseason MVP Anei if it wants to continue its success.

Great choice in staying away from 3-pointers

One of the biggest problems for OSU in previous games was relying on the 3-pointer. However, the Cowboys realized they needed to attack the paint against KSU. 

It's why OSU shot only eight 3-pointers in the game and made two of them. KSU's big men got into foul trouble early and the Cowboys took full advantage of it. 

This needs to be a main priority for OSU in the remainder of the season. Yes it's nice to knock down some 3-pointers, but the Cowboys are much better at driving through the lane. 

Way too many turnovers

As I said in my blog before the game, the Cowboys need to control the ball because the Wildcats excel at steals. Looking at the game statistics, OSU succumbed to KSU's quick hands. 

The Cowboys finished the game with 16 turnovers, while the Wildcats added nine steals. Turnovers continued to be a major gripe for the Cowboys and it directly contributed to the score sheet. I hope Boynton looks at previous games and sees how much turnovers affects his team. 

Looking forward to Tech

I believe OSU's performance said a lot about its upcoming game against Texas Tech. OSU played well enough to defeat Kansas State, but the same performance wouldn't beat TTU. 

OSU's shooting was the better part of its game as it shot 51 percent from the field. However, the Cowboys had another games where they committed too many fouls and turnovers. It can slide against a subpar team such as KSU, but not against Tech or many of the other teams remaining on OSU's schedule.