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Swingin' Pete shines at 2019 Masters

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OSU Golf (copy)

Oklahoma State University was the focal point of conversation for pundits all across America this past weekend, and for good reason too.

The reason was a number Pokes shined at the 2019 Masters Tournament. Current OSU golfer Viktor Hovland was the low amateur, former Cowboy Rickie Fowler finished tied for ninth, and all five current and former OSU golfers who were in the field made the cut and played golf on the national stage.

Most people in the OSU community know these stories by now, but what some people might not know is there’s another Cowboy who shined in Augusta this past weekend: “Swingin’ Pete."

Swingin’ Pete is an alteration of the original Pistol Pete mascot created in 1973 for OSU’s golf teams, per Karsten Creek's website, and it's had many makeovers over the years.

Rodger Sherman, a staff writer for The Ringer, was especially adamant about Swingin’ Pete. After the Masters, Sherman tweeted that he’s “kinda obsessed" with the OSU golf Pistol Pete logo.

"Just a rootin’-tootin’ mustachioed cowboy hitting the links in his massive hat. He’s got his guns in his holsters and if you try to enforce the dress code they might just come out”

Attached to Sherman’s tweet was a screenshot of Viktor Hovland in Butler Cabin sporting a bright orange Swingin’ Pete golf shirt. Sherman’s tweet got over 100 retweets and about 990 likes, but the replies were the thing that made this tweet so great. One user, @TraytonMiller, asked Sherman “are you familiar with EXTREMELY JACKED wrestling pete[?]”.

This response was the catalyst for a huge discussion that even award-winning journalist, Brett McMurphy, talked about. This debate was about the many forms that Pistol Pete takes. This discussion motivated me to figure out the definitive answer to this question: just how many Pistol Petes are there?


So, after hours of research, I believe that I have compiled every single variation of the Pistol Pete logo.


Let’s start with the old school:

Versions of the Pistol Pete logo existed in the 1920’s, but it wasn’t until about 1946 that the logo had taken off as the one of the definitive logos for the school.             

Now let’s take a time machine and head to 2001, the year that the modern version of Pistol Pete was created.



The modern version of Pete is a great logo, but it’s also the foundation in which the different variations of Pistol Pete were designed upon. It is the very reason for this article. This Cowboy, who definitely has a mean look to him, is apparently one of the most versatile workers to ever live.

Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the different occupations and talents that he can do. Let’s start with Pete’s athletic career:


So Pete is definitely an athlete, but is that all? No. Not even close. Let’s look at how smart this Cowboy is by looking at his academic and career successes:


Lastly, some of the more miscellaneous looks Pistol Pete has had over the years:

Now that we’ve seen almost every Pistol Pete design ever created, there should be no doubt that this mascot is the “jack-of-all-trades”. He can and does do anything he sets his mind to. We, and many other twitter users, are in awe of this multi talented cowpoke.