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Stilly slam: Cowboys rough up the rim in blowout win over Charleston

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Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe scores.

Bryce Williams intercepted a pass intended for Charleston’s Ben Burnham and began to run the court.

Burnham trailed behind but as Williams elevated above the Gallagher-Iba arena floor Burnham jumped in front of a flying Williams. Williams, with one hand elevated above his head, slammed the ball into the basket while posterizing Burnham.

Oklahoma State’s bench and crowd went crazy after the big dunk, which was far from the first big slam from a Cowboy player Monday night.

“That’s what he does, he’s just natural,” Avery Anderson said. “He’s naturally athletic.”

Williams didn’t know Burnham tried to jump with him.

“That’s what happens,” Williams said when he was told Burnham did in fact try to contest the dunk.

Williams had 13 points on 5-9 shooting and also tallied three steals in the game. He also blocked a shot into the stands, but received a technical foul after saying a few words, which included an expletive.

“I just did it to help us out, I blocked the ball and then they gave me a (technical) for saying, ‘Give me that sh--,” Williams said.

Williams, who missed the first three games, has been impactful for the Cowboys in his return to the lineup rather it be on the stat sheet or off.

“I'm just proud of him for showing the growth and maturity that he's shows since he had the incident this fall to accept responsibility for but to be able to move forward and understand that, you know, don't take things for granted. This is his last opportunity to play college athletics,” Boynton said.

“I'm thankful for him being here, and for his attitude about everything.”

Kalib Boone and Moussa Cisse also sent in loud dunks on alley-oops during the game to help the Cowboys down Charleston 96-66.

Cisse’s alley-oop came as time expired in the first half from Isaac Likekele, who threw it off the glass to the awaiting hands of Cisse over the Charleston defense. A dunk that Likekele said was planned. Coach Mike Boynton, on the other hand said he doesn’t draw up off the backboard plays, but was a fan of the dunks.

Boynton has been wanting to play through the bigs, which include both Cisse and Boone and that includes more lobs, but it also means simply getting them the ball.

The two combined for 23 points, 10-12 shooting, seven rebounds and 11 blocks. Their 11 combined blocks led the Cowboys to 16 total, which sets a school record.

“If you get that kind of production from those guys, that makes the game easier on your perimeter guys, it takes some pressure off them from having to make a bunch of shots,” Boynton said. “It’s smart to play through those guys when they’re going to be a lot closer to the basket and make the game easier. I think when we play through them, I don’t know if we’ll shoot 50% from 3 every night, but the numbers will definitely go up.”

The Cowboys were able to reignite a dunk party that OSU fans have missed since ‘Lob Stilly’ existed with Markel Brown, Marcus Smart and Le’Bryan Nash played for OSU. The Cowboys say that is back, but they are searching for a new name for it.

“I would say it is (back),” Anderson said. “We’ve got guards who can make plays off of the ball screen and find the bigs to make plays, so I would say (lob Stilly is back), but in our own flavor we won’t take their logo.

Boynton agrees.

“It’s back,” Boynton said. “We’ve got a few more lob plays we haven’t shown yet, but none of them go off the backboard.”