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Smith analyzes Iowa loss, previews weekend duals

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John Smith

John Smith jumping with excitement after Mastrogiovanni won his match.

On Monday, OSU coach John Smith discussed on his weekly radio show the Cowboys’ loss to Iowa in the Bout at the Ballpark.

Here’s what he had to say.

Opening statements

“I’m always pretty hard on them all season long. I get to a point in the season where I really turn and start supporting them and say ‘Hey, this is yours now. Everything I’ve said, if you’re not willing to do, then there’s results and there’s things that happen.’”

On Trevor Mastrogiovanni

“I was just pleased with the fact that he realized, ‘Hey, I can take you down and I’m gonna take you down again.’ Did a nice job of getting that first takedown in 45 seconds and picking up the last (takedown) with time remaining.”

On Daton Fix wrestling twice this past Saturday

“We often say, ‘Oh my gosh, how is he going to do that?’ Well, this is something you could do, something we could do, and sometimes it’s really not a disadvantage; nice to get a match in. When you’re in really good shape, one match, wrestling a couple matches, three matches, four matches a day, as long as you have that gap to recover, you’re fine.”

On Carter Young

“After seeing him after the match and visiting with him, and watching him today in workouts, it is like, ‘Okay, this guy is moving forward.’ The experience of the match is probably going to put him in a better position to have a good end to the season.”

On Kaden Gfeller

“He looked a little bit out of it for a little while because things got a little hard, and when they got a little hard he couldn’t do the things that he’s been having success doing.”

On Wyatt Sheets

“You just worry about him sometimes like 'Hey, whoa,' what I see out of you right now is maybe somebody that’s ready (for) this (season) to be over with. And you need to pull them back in and go 'Listen, you don’t want to go there. Those memories never end.’”

On Dakota Geer

“Should have got a major. You rode the guy for four minutes, you can’t ride him the last 15 seconds? Geer can throw some of that at you. I mean, he’ll give you a few gray hairs. But the one thing he did, he didn’t hold back, he took it to him, and I think you see a sixth-year senior with not a lot of fear.”

On Luke Surber

“We need to see Luke closing some gaps, winning more matches. Not surprising that he got beat 9-1, but it’s time for him to win some matches. It’s time, I mean, you’re good enough. Of course, you’re wrestling in a weight class that you haven’t been at. I think that for him, I’m seeing some real maturity in him.”

On AJ Ferrari

“We got some results last week. No chance that he’s back this year.”

On the Oklahoma dual this weekend

“Come out. We’re gonna put our stage up. The matchups look even, looks a lot tighter than they were at the beginning of the year. I think it’s an opportunity for us; pack the house.”