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Should masks be worn on the sideline?

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For the close to 15,000 fans who will be in the crowd at Boone Pickens Stadium for football games, they will be required to wear a mask.

That rule extends to all the stadium employees including security guards, concession workers and ticket operators.

But does that rule extend to the Oklahoma State football team? Well, the answer is kinda tricky.

Obviously a player can’t wear a mask or neck gaiter when they’re on the field, but what about when they’re on the sidelines?

Head coach Mike Gundy said he watched a few games Saturday and players weren’t wearing any type of facial covering. However, he doesn’t have an answer for his team.

“I’m not sure what our players are gonna do based on our protocol from the Big 12,” Gundy said.

While it’s unclear whether the more than 100 players and personnel will be masked up next Saturday, the Cowboys still have mask rules for practice.

Cowboy players and coaches have tried out different types of facial coverings during practice.

“Because they’re so many (players), I can’t keep up with what they’re all doing but I’ve seen a number of things out there,” Gundy said.

Should masks be worn on the sidelines? Possibly.

It wouldn’t hurt to have that extra layer of protection. Of course, safety should be the No. 1 priority for players this season.

As Gundy said, there’s no protocol for masks from the Big 12. However, it would be good for the Big 12 to determine what the rules are going to be.

“It seems like each one of them as an individual has settled into what they’re comfortable with,” Gundy said.