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Sco Jenkins wins first head coaching gig in thrilling fashion

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Sco Jenkins

For the state of Oklahoma, it was a historic snow day, but for Scoville Jenkins, it was a historic day for him as interm head coach.

The Cowboy tennis team won 4-3 in thrilling fashion, with Matej Vocel coming up with the winning point against Maxim Verboven.

The Cowboys were trailing 2-3 at point, but when Mathieu Scaglia beat Adrien Burdet, the game was nodded up at 3.

Vocel would be in an intense battle with Verboven, and both teams were eagerly waiting for a winner. When Vocel made the winning point, the team piled all over him.

The win was capped off by one word.

“Resiliency,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins didn’t even begin to take in what he had just experienced under his leadership.

“It’s not even really sunken in yet, honestly,” Jenkins said. This match was so crazy. We were just down and out the whole time until Matej and Mathieu played their match when they were both on, that’s when they kind of just turned and they really stepped up.”

Despite having the edge, Jenkins said that there were scores going either way throughout the singles matches.

“We got beat pretty good at court six, we got beat pretty good on court two,” Jenkins said. “We beat them pretty good at court four. We got beat pretty decent on court three, and I was just really happy that these guys knew that the match would come down to them. The thing I told (Scaglia) was to stay resilient.

“Just stay in it, don’t put it on yourself, and he rose to the occasion.”

The Cowboys knew Arkansas would be bringing everything they got.

The plan: when in doubt, just focus on the preparation up to the game.

“The biggest thing I just told them was just focus on what you did in practice,” Jenkins said. “We haven’t played a match in a month, so you will be nervous, you will be anxious but rely on what you did this whole week in practice.”

Henrik Korsgaard, the transfer from Virginia Tech, has had the chance to see the drastic changes already as a new member of the Cowboys. He also said he started a great relationship with Jenkins whenever he was recruited.

“I knew Sco, he seemed very, very nice, and I liked him a lot,” Korsgaard said.

Despite earning the victory in dramatic fashion, Vocel wasn’t too impressed with how he played in the match.

“I didn’t feel great today,” Vocel said. “It was my first match after a long time after COVID and everything, so it was kind of tough and I feel like in the end, the guys helped me and gave me some energy, and I used it.”

Jenkins knew that these guys battled through a tough one.

Arkansas came in with a 6-1 record, having more experience in the regular season, but that didn’t stop the Cowboys.

“They battled through a whole lot of adversity, and they just enjoyed the moment,” Jenkins said. “I’m really proud of these guys, and Arkansas gave us everything they had and they played well, and that was really good to watch these guys step up like that.”

Jenkins said that it’s up to the team to see that they are great, but like Vocel, he agreed that the team could’ve played better.

But he appreciated the team sticking by one another throughout the game.

“We can definitely play great, but you see what happens when you play together, and you play with heart, and you're competitive, and you stick with it, and you show so much what you can do,” Jenkins said. “You can win off of heart alone. So, I hope that these guys can see that.”