Sanders denied two highlight plays in Cowboys' victory


Spencer Sanders attempts to hurdle a defender during the Oklahoma State vs. Kansas football game on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019 at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Spencer Sanders will do whatever it takes to get the first down. If he can’t get past through a defender, he’ll try going over them.

That’s exactly what the redshirt freshman did in the Oklahoma State football team’s 31-13 win against Kansas on Saturday at Boone Pickens Stadium. 

When Sanders ran towards the sideline in the first quarter for the first down, he had only one Jayhawk defender to get past.

Would he juke? Would he slide? Would he skip out of the first down and just run out of bounds?

Well, if you’ve watched Sanders in high school, you know that he may try to hurdle. 

Sanders made the leap to hurdle KU’s Kyle Mayberry and, well, he didn’t make it. Mayberry caught Sanders mid-air, but Sanders momentum pushed Mayberry down to get the first down.

“I thought I’m gonna jump over you if you’re gonna jump under me,” Sanders said. 

Coach Mike Gundy, who had mixed emotions about Sanders’ hurdle in the season-opener against Oregon State, wasn’t too fond of Sanders’ attempt on Saturday.

“I’m not fired up about that,” Gundy said. “I don’t want to take his stinger away, but I kinda want to take his stinger away now. He’s gotta know better than that, but he’s very competitive, very emotional and it’s the way he is.”

Gundy added that he held his breath when he saw Sanders try the hurdle. 

Sanders’ attempt to get a highlight didn’t stop at the hurdle. Similar to the Cowboys’ last game, Stoner and Sanders tried a little trickery against KU’s defense. 

Stoner received a pass and was about to pass it back to Sanders, but Stoner's pass was yards short. 

Stoner took full responsibility for that one.

“I mean I totally screwed him over,” Stoner said. "A completely horrible throw on my part. I hope they give me another shot. Hopefully I can get him one, but horrible throw on my part."

Although the wide receiver pass still hasn’t worked for OSU, Sanders throwing to Stoner continued to do well in OSU’s victory.

Sanders’ only passing touchdown of the game was a 51-yard bomb to a wide-open Stoner.

Stoner, who made his case to be the Cowboys’ top receiver, had five receptions for 150 yards and two touchdowns.

While he continued to gain yards in the second half, Sanders had to come out because of a hand injury. He was wearing a brace on the sideline and after the game but said it was just a precaution.

Redshirt senior Dru Brown took over the QB duties for the rest of the game. 

While he didn’t get a flashy highlight from a hurdle or QB reception, Sanders’ performance helped OSU get the most important part of the game: the victory.

“I feel like the team did well, so it kinda helped me do well, too,” Sanders said. “I feel like we executed and I think we did pretty well.”