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Richardson rushes angry, dissects the perfect aggressive run

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Richardson and Williams

Dominic Richardson and Tyrese Williams celebrate after a play.

Dominic Richardson ran with a head full of stream, and broke tackles with rage and intensity.

Richardson, Oklahoma State’s second-string running back, totaled 12 carries for 134 yards and two touchdowns. Richardson broke off big runs, and fought off multiple tacklers while doing so.

For Richardson, OSU’s 63-17 victory over TCU was personal.

Richardson officially signed with TCU in late 2019, however after TCU revoked his scholarship offer, he decommitted three months after signing. The Oklahoma City native would later sign with OSU in 2020. Getting snaps for the first time against the team who formerly usurped him, Richardson played with anger.

“It was like an anger switch,” Richardson said. “Running with power and running with anger. It was real personal, I was fired up going out there. I was just determined. I was locked in, tunnel vision, to dominate while I was out there.”

Coach Mike Gundy noticed Richardson’s anger on the field, however admitted he forgot about Richardson’s dilemma with TCU until the day after. Gundy said he only observed Richardson’s physicality while running, especially getting to the second level. Richardson, too, noticed he enjoys getting into the secondary.

“It is exciting,” Richardson said. “I think of whether I should stiff-arm, run through, or hurdle him. It is a mindset.”

Richardson spoke about his type of physical running, saying he has always been a power runner. As a sophomore in high school, Richardson suffered a leg injury which caused him to miss the remainder of the season. Despite the injuries, Richardson still enjoys being physical.

“If I see a guy, I try to hit them,” Richardson said. “If it makes me fall forward, I’ll break a tackle. Ever since high school I’ve been a power back. I would like to run through you rather than run around you. My first instinct is to run through.”