Ranking all 32 NFL uniforms for 2020

NFL uniforms


The 2020 NFL season is coming up soon, and seven teams will be donning new threads this fall. The Falcons, Rams, Browns, Colts, Patriots, Buccaneers and Chargers all released their new uniforms, some better received than others. With every team’s 2020 look set in stone, we’re here to rank them, from terrible to terrific.

32. Atlanta Falcons

Why? Why? No, seriously, why did they do this? The Falcons’ 2019 look wasn’t amazing, but by no means was it calling for a redesign, let alone one so abysmal. Where to begin? The black helmets are nice (it was smart of Atlanta to go back to black for its primary color), and the throwbacks don’t look bad. Aside from that, there’s not much positive to say. The block numbering feels awkwardly wide, and the shadow doesn’t look good. The “ATL” wordmark above the logo is about five times larger than it needs to be, and the red/black gradient might be the worst look in the league right now.

Grade: F

31. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams’ final step in their rebrand was all-new uniforms. After the embarrassing response to their logo change, fans’ expectations weren’t too high. The blue and yellow colors are great, and I like the new helmet design, but there’s not much more to look at. The yellow-white gradient on the home kit numbers is odd, the patches on the chest don’t match and the choice to go with an off-white color in the away kit makes the white chest patch stand out like a sore thumb. They’ll be the first team in the league to not use white in their away jersey, calling the color “Bone,” but it simply doesn’t fit in with their branding anywhere. It’d fit much better with most other teams.

Grade: F

30. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles best look is easily their kelly green, but they never wear them because the NFL only allows for one helmet shell per season. In the meantime, they’re stuck with a dark green color that clearly clashes with black, but they insist on pairing the two. The helmets are great, and the numbers might look good if they didn’t use that green-black combo so often (those away kits, yikes). The shoulder logo seems uncomfortably large and squeezed in, too. Here’s to hoping the NFL lets them rock the kelly green again soon.

Grade: D

29. Houston Texans

The Texans’ uniforms are sad considering how great their logo is. The helmet looks great because of the logo, but the rest is lackluster. The striping isn’t great, and the navy blue doesn’t do much for me as a primary color. They’re just… boring? There’s potential here, but not that they’ve tapped into. Whether it means they make a couple tweaks to fix it up or go back to the historic Oilers color scheme, the Texans are due for a redesign.

Grade: C-

28. Carolina Panthers

Probably the most tragic of all NFL uniforms. The Panthers have what may be the best color scheme in the league, but their uniforms are helplessly trapped in the 1990s. When they do eventually redesign, black helmets are a must, and they can do something special with the stripes and colorways. Until then, they’re stuck with an outdated look.

Grade: C

27. Detroit Lions

The Lions unveiled new uniforms and slightly tweaked their logo back in 2017. The uniforms aren’t bad, but they’re not good. The throwbacks are nice and simple, and I like the logo, although it didn’t really need a change. My biggest gripe has to be the odd choice to make the number color on the home kit gray instead of white. Perhaps it’s an homage to the old unis, but it doesn’t transfer well onto the new ones.

Grade: C

26. Arizona Cardinals

Arizona’s uniforms, similar to the Panthers, are stuck in the 90s. I love the metallic numbers, names and helmet decals shown above in the color rush unis. They add some much-needed pizzazz to a design that, on their standard uniforms, looks quite bland. I’d like to see them utilize that deeper red everywhere and sprinkle in a little more black.

Grade: C

25. Cincinnati Bengals

There’s a lot to unpack here. The orange/black/white color scheme is good and the tiger stripe design is great. The numbers would be better without the awkward drop-shadow, and maybe a different font. I don’t hate the Bengals logo on the chest, but I certainly don’t love it. The Bengals’ color rush kit does everything I want in a Bengals uniform, simplifying the current design but keeping what makes it great. Unfortunately, their primary uniforms are just way too busy.

Grade: C+

24. Denver Broncos

Another team stuck in the wrong decade. The Broncos’ current primary uniforms are a big fat “meh.” That said, their throwback color rush kit, shown above, is great. They’d do well to make the swap their primary branding back to this logo and uniform. It’s awesome.

Grade: C+

23. Tennessee Titans

In 2018, the Titans donned new threads for the first time in nearly 20 years. The redesign was an honest effort, but overdid it in some areas. The sword stripe on the shoulders busies the uniform quite a lot, and the gray facemask clashes with the new navy helmet. The number font is good, albeit a little thin, and the red Nike logo just looks out of place. That said, the color scheme is good and the vision is there, they just didn’t quite reach it.

Grade: C+

22. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars also underwent a change in 2018, thankfully getting rid of those god-awful gradient helmets. That said, the new kits are pretty… boring. With such a unique colorway, you’d hope the Jags could come up with something fresh, but they delivered such a bland uniform that there’s simply not much to judge other than that very fact: there’s nothing interesting.

Grade: C+

21. New York Giants

There’s not much to complain about here, but there’s also not much to adore. The Giants keep it simple, and that works for them. The all-white color rush looks much better than their white/gray away kit, and the color rush helmet is better than the primary. That said, nothing is outright bad or below average.

Grade: B-

20. New York Jets

Keeping it in the Big Apple, the Jets’ new uniforms have been pretty unpopular since their unveiling, but I’ve never disliked them. They do green/black/white well where the Eagles don’t (you’ll notice the shade of green is slightly lighter, that works much better against the black). The crisp shoulder stripes coupled with the sleek wordmark logo on the chest make for a solid look in my eyes.

Grade: B

19. Cleveland Browns

I feel bad for the Browns. They simply don’t have much to work with. The one time they tried to branch out, it didn’t go well. That said, these new uniforms look nice. I like the stripes on the shoulders and socks, and they keep it simple on the numbers and chest. The color rush could use a touch of white (maybe use those great stripes), but overall, not much to complain about here.

Grade: B

18. Indianapolis Colts

Unbeknownst to many, the Colts actually did go through a slight rebrand in 2020. They already had solid uniforms, if not a little bland, but the tiny tweak to the number font in 2020 along with the new wordmark on front and back of the helmet adds the personality that the Colts’ unis were missing beforehand.

Grade: B

17. Kansas City Chiefs

The Super Bowl champs have a solid color scheme and uniforms. Super simple, there’s not much to critique. The thin yellow outline on the numbers adds depth and the stripes on the shoulders and pants look good. Similar to the Giants: nothing bad, but nothing great. The vibrant colorway puts them ahead, though.

Grade: B

16. Washington Redskins

Another simple but effective uniform. What makes the ‘Skins stand out from the others is their unique throwbacks, shown above. The old school look suits the team and its colorway (which is great). The worst part is definitely their outdated logo. It’s an elephant in the room (er, the field) for everybody in this day and age.

Grade: B

15. Buffalo Bills

It’s not that the Giants do red, white and blue bad, it’s just that the Bills do it better (not the best, though). The Bills look clean in all their kits, and their all-red color rush uniform is bold in the best way. The stripes and numbers are, again, simple yet effective.

Grade: B+

14. Green Bay Packers

Many would place the classic Packers look higher on such a list. It’s not that I dislike the Packers uniforms, they look good. The yellow helmet is iconic, and their all-white color rush complements it well. But that throwback uniform is god awful. Awful enough to drop them to No. 14 on this list. Awful enough that I couldn’t display it for you to see. I’ll link it here for those of you brave enough, though.

Grade: B+

13. New England Patriots

So, who does red, white and blue the best? The Patriots. They may have lost Tom Brady this offseason, but they gained some killer new threads. The blue-on-blue look debuted in 2016 as the color rush uniform, but its popularity brought it to the new primary home kit for 2020. The most obvious improvement has to be the big shoulder stripes, a massive improvement from their bland predecessors. They also made a positive change to the number font.

Grade: B+

12. Seattle Seahawks

Perhaps I’m in the minority here, but the Seahawks’ neon green color rush isn’t all that bad to me. I quite like them. As for the primaries, the Seahawks were the first uniform Nike redesigned when they took over the league in 2012, and what a good change it was. The neon green accents look great paired with the navy and white, and the semi-transparent stripe on the helmet is a nice touch.

Grade: B+

11. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers’ yellow and black will always be iconic, and they rock it well. Between the bright yellow pants, unique number font and asymmetric helmet, the Steelers have a great look. The all-black color rush is interesting. I don’t like the departure from their standard number font, but it’s not necessarily a bad look.

Grade: B+

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Thank God they got rid of the alarm clock unis from 2014-2019. The inclusion of their classic orange is a welcome one, as pairing it against red can definitely go wrong. Thankfully, it’s used sparingly and effectively. I love the pewter alternate, and the logos are used great all around: from the pirate ship on the shoulder to the small wordmark on the chest to the big and bold flag on the helmet. Tom Brady may look different this season, but rest assured, he’ll look good.

Grade: A-

9. Baltimore Ravens

I’m a sucker for a good purple uniform, as you’re about to see. The Ravens use it quite well, with a unique number font and a stylish crest on the shoulders. The best thing about the Ravens, though, is their ability to combine. They combine every color in their arsenal: white jersey/purple pants, black jersey/black pants, purple jersey/white pants, etc. And they look good in every combo. Lastly, they have a clean color rush uniform, incorporating metallic gold numbers.

Grade: A-

8. Chicago Bears

The Bears sport a classic look in their primary kits that has never looked bad and never will, but what impresses me the most is the 1936 throwback alternates shown above. The vibrant orange looks great against the calm navy in the shoulder stripes, sock stripes and helmet. It’s bold but not busy. Meanwhile the primary kits are as solid as ever, simple but with enough personality to make them great.

Grade: A-

7. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco unveiled a new throwback color rush uniform this season (pictured above), and it may be the best look in the league. The all-white combo complements the golden helmet well, and the black drop-shadow on the numbers ties it all together. Couple this with some of the most classic, iconic uniforms in the league as their primaries, and the 49ers are looking good.

Grade: A

6. Oakland Raiders

One of the most classic uniforms in the league, the Raiders have only ever used three colors: black, white and silver. But they’ve never really needed any more. The iced out all-white color rush uniform in 2016 was the cherry on top for Oakland. These uniforms are just great, simple as that.

Grade: A

5. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have one of the most unique uniforms in the league. They use their spectacular colorway perfectly and incorporate a great modern look in their logos and number font, all while utilizing a great throwback look. They don’t have a bad look in any combination.

Grade: A

4. New Orleans Saints

The black and gold has always looked great. These uniforms are simple but beautiful. What puts the Saints ahead, though, is their spectacular color rush. With new shoulder stripes and a more metallic gold all around, their all-white alternates are a contender for best look in the league. Their primaries are already incredible, but I’d love to see them darken the gold to match the color rush.

Grade: A

3. Minnesota Vikings

Like I said, I’m a sucker for a good purple uniform, and the Vikings have one of the best in sports. Their helmets are stellar and the number font is probably the best in the league, taking a standard font and adding subtle yet noticeable curves and points that add personality. The purple and yellow color rush look is royally great. Not sure how this could be improved in any way.

Grade: A+

2. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most iconic teams in sports, so it’s only fitting that their uniforms are just as iconic. The silver helmet and navy star is legendary, and the addition of an all-white color rush in 2015 only solidified their standing as one of the league’s best-looking teams. The blues and silvers don’t even match up on the home kit, but it doesn’t matter. They still look great.

Grade: A+

1. Los Angeles Chargers

For the Chargers, moving to LA was different than it was for the Rams. The Rams were riding high with a young core and a Super Bowl appearance, the Chargers falling behind. But then things started changing. The Rams lost Todd Gurley, the Chargers drafted Justin Herbert, and then both teams rebranded… and everything changed. While the Rams’ rebrand was met with nearly unanimous vitriol, the Chargers’ was unanimously adored. They took what was already one of the best uniforms in the league and improved upon it, drawing from their roots. Every combination looks great, and no matter how the Chargers fare on the field, they’ll be the best-looking in 2020.

Grade: A++