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Quote board: What Cowboys had to say after victory in Austin

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A horns down goodbye in the final two minutes of the game from the Cowboys to Texas fans.

Mike Gundy on adjustments to run game in second half

“We changed the direction we were setting the formation, we set it more to the boundary. It gave us cutbacks as you could tell, it allowed us to rush the ball and get natural creases and cutbacks, it made a big difference.”

Jim Knowles on call on Jason Taylor’s interception

“Really in today's came of college football, the coordinators and the head coach, they are all able to make a lot of decisions from the sideline, so it's really a disguise thing. When we saw what they were doing out there to the trips, we just put him in position to make that play.”

Kasey Dunn on offense keeping composure through first three quarters

“We talked about it all week long, coach Gundy hit it right on the head two weeks ago he said this things going to be a fight, its going to be a fourth quarter battle, we’re going to throw some punches and connect, they’re going to throw some punches and connect. When you get hit, not if, when you get hit, get your (obscenity) back up and go swing again. We knew it was going to be that kind of game and we were kind of, in a way looking forward to this game because we knew that this is how it was going to go, and it did.”

Spencer Sanders on what the culture means to him

“Your kind of seeing it yourself, so like when you say Oklahoma State culture there's a lot of people who don’t know about it and there's a lot of people who do know about it. If you know about its just kind of that thing, you respect it, you're here, you got that logo on your jersey and you do whatever you can.”

Jaylen Warren on dominating on the ground in fourth quarter

"First and foremost I just want to give credit to my offensive line, they made everything that happened, happen. We just trusted the coaches, trusted the play calling, trusted everyone, trusted our teammates and it happened the way we practiced all week."

Jason Taylor on interception

"Coach Knowles always puts us in great positions to make plays and I kind of saw him eyeing my zone, so I waited, kind of baited him to throw and I jumped it."