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Quote board: Gundy, Brown, Bernard-Converse talk to media ahead of spring game

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Cheez-it Bowl

Oklahoma State players Brennan Presley (80), LD Brown (0), and Braydon Johnson (8) celebrate after a touchdown during the Cheez-It Bowl college football game of Miami versus Oklahoma State at Camping World Stadium in Orlando on Tuesday, December 29, 2020, (Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Sentinel)

On Tuesday, coach Mike Gundy, running back LD Brown and cornerback Jarrick Bernard-Converse talked to the media.

Here’s what they had to say.


On the lack of conditioning last season and its affects on other teams

“I didn’t think anyone was in shape last September. The teams I watched in college football I thought everybody was out of shape. Defensive linemen instead of being in some sort of ready position they’d have a knee down. Anytime guys have their hands on their knees in the back end on defense. You can see wideouts that are (hunched over) until they’re ready to go. When plays are over guys aren’t moving back quick enough to get lined up. Defenses don’t run to the ball. We were out of shape. I don’t remember seeing anybody September, maybe halfway through October that I felt was in good condition.”

On Brennan Presley's progression

“He’s a big part of what we do. He’s the guy in our slot position and he’s made a bunch of plays out here. He will continue to make a bunch of plays. He has put on 18 pounds. He went from, when he turns sideways you couldn’t see him, to now there’s at least a shadow. He will make a lot of football plays.”

On the defensive line depth with injuries

“It’s interesting, we’ve had several young kids and three players that have walked on that have gotten reps they would never have gotten if it wasn’t for Trace (Ford), (Tryen) Irby and Brock (Martin). They would have been hard pressed (for reps) because we’re pretty deep at that position which is rare for us. They’re getting work. There will be some numbers show up, like (No. 92) Nathan Latu, that transferred in, he will start to show up out there.”

On the special teams

“They’re all doing good. This should be a really good year for us on special teams because of the speed and the athleticism we have at the linebacker, safety and cornerback spot. And then all the other skill guys that play that position, kickers, snappers, punters and holders, they’re all back. I expect us to be really good in special teams this year. We have all of our returners back, with the exception of (Dillon) Stoner. We have the young guys that are back that will give us a threat at the return position.”

On Kristen Gundy watching Gunnar Gundy Saturday

“(My wife) doesn’t really talk much about athletics. She’s been to so many of them, done so many things. She’s mentioned very little. I don’t know what conversations she has with Gunnar, but he doesn’t talk much either when it comes to that. I just think that she’s excited about him being in an organization he has always wanted to be in. Ever since he’s been little, that’s what he’s wanted to do. He has wanted to play football at OSU. I think she’s happy for that, and that he’s getting an education. It will be a fun journey for him and I’ve been able to enjoy it, at times watch and enjoy it. We’re fortunate in that area.”

Cowboy coach Mike Gundy, running back LD Brown and cornerback Jarrick Bernard-Converse speak to the media ahead of OSU's spring game this weekend.


On what excites him about next season

“Being back out there with my brothers. Knowing we’ve got so many guys back on defense, knowing the offensive line (is healthy). Just the excitement. Just being able to see how those guys are going to react in a real game-time situation going against somebody else to see how they’re going to play. We’ve got a lot of young guys, I’m excited to watch them as well. It’ll be fun.”

On getting involved in the passing game

“This whole spring I’ve been in the slot a little bit. It’s really fun. I really enjoy running routes. I get pointers from (the receivers). I ask Brennan Presly and Braydon Johnson ‘what’s you steps on this route’ and stuff like that. I’m just working on my craft and adding stuff to the toolbox. We’ve got depth, and we have a personnel (group), Black and Brown, where it’s two running backs on the field. One of us can be flexed out, one of us in the backfield. The more we can do is really the opportunities we get.”

On wanting to improve as a pass catcher

“College is evolving into the NFL. There’s a lot of pass offenses just throwing it out there. The one thing you need to be able to do is be able to catch the ball out of the backfield. That’s just one thing I didn’t do enough last year was catching the ball out the backfield. That’s something I want to work on as well and show I can do that.”


On what is exciting about this team

“Knowing the ability of this team and the chemistry and the capability of what we can do and the brotherhood that we have. I just know that we can be really good this year.”

On if the receivers’ corps will be strong without Tylan Wallace

“It’s always a strong suit around here. They have guys like Tay Martin, Rashod (Owens), Langston (Anderson), Braydon (Johnson) and Brennan (Presley). They’re going to be good. We get great competition every day at practice and I don’t feel like there’s a drop off. (We get pushed), but we push them back.”

On the young linebackers

“They’re progressing. They’re getting better each and every day. They’re learning where they’re supposed to be and how they’re supposed to do it. Malcolm (Rodriguez), Devin (Harper) too are leading the way for them. So I think they’re going to do pretty well.”