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Q&A with OSU football signee Ty Williams

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Ty Williams

Ty Williams is a safety from Muskogee High School in the class of 2021 who is eager to get to Oklahoma State.

Q: What made you choose OSU?

A: The bond, the fact that it’s not too far and not too close and it feels comfortable. It’s the next place that I’m going to build my relationships and myself. Coach Gundy also does a great job at making sure the team does everything together. Everything is built with unity.

Q: Have you always known that you want to go to OSU?

A: No, I’m not even from here. I’m from South Carolina. Being from South Carolina, it’s just a privilege to have a college scholarship. That was my main goal. I wanted to have an opportunity to better myself.

Q: Who is your inspiration and why?

A: I don’t really have an inspiration. I want to build my own legacy. I don’t want to be known just for football. I want to have a legacy outside of football and for people to remember me as a great person.

Q: What are some pregame rituals that you have?

A: I pray before every game and text my mom.

Q: How would your teammates describe you?

A: They would describe me as funny. But when it’s time to get to it, I’m getting to it. I’m also uplifting to my teammates.

Q: How does playing quarterback help you as a safety?

A: Basically, I know where the quarterback is going to go with the ball. I know where all their breaks are going to be. As a quarterback, I know that if I see someone open, I’m going to throw to them. I bait them into throws. I know what the quarterback is looking for so I beat him to it before he knows where he’s throwing the ball.

Q: So you’re a four-sport athlete as you play football, basketball, track, and wrestling. What made you choose football?

A: It’s a contact sport and I like being physical. You can be you and be aggressive.

Q: How did running track help you on the football field?

A: It helped me get much faster and it helped my technique. Shaving off .2 seconds off of your time can be worth 2 million dollars in the NFL.