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Q&A: Chaffin's thoughts on roadtrips, stadiums and uniforms

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Summer Chaffin

Summer Chaffin drives the ball down the field. 

Q: Besides Neal Patterson Stadium, what is the best Big 12 soccer field?

A: “I think the best one would be Garvey-Rosenthal at TCU just because so many girls from the team are from the Dallas area. That’s always a game that we get to have so many of our own fans there. A lot of our family members and friends that live in the area always get to go to that game. Other than that, their stadium is honestly probably the nicest one because it’s a little bit better and they have a little bit better attendance. The atmosphere is a little more like Neal Patterson than you’ll get elsewhere.”

Q: What is your favorite Oklahoma State jersey combo?

A: “My favorite is all black because I think it makes look really sleek. I think everybody looks good in all black. I think that might be everybody’s favorite just because it makes us all look really tan. It’s a slimming color, so I think we all like that we look more tan than we usually would.”

Q: What is your favorite Stillwater restaurant?

A: “That’s a hard one. The one that I go to most often is Texas Roadhouse because it’s right next to my apartment, but I also love Aspen Coffee. I love coffee. That’s my drink of choice."

Q: What are your road trip essentials?

A: “Snacks. Usually, they do a pretty good job with making sure we have snacks on the bus so if you’re not like me and don’t bring snacks, they’ve got you covered. Another one of my essentials is my Bible and my journal. I always bring that with me everywhere. Usually, some girls on the team and I will get together on travel trips and do Bible study. Airpods too.”

Q: What’s the best restaurant you’ve visited on the road?

A: "The one that sticks out most in my mind is freshman year when we went to Stefano’s in Morgantown, West Virginia. It was Italian kind of. A little bit more of a seafood cuisine but it was so good, y’all. That one and when we were in Ames, Iowa, the same weekend, we had this steakhouse. The bill ended up being so high, but the food was so good. I was OK with it because we’re eating good when we’re with the team.”