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Out With the Old and in with the new: From Allie P. to O’Brate

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The Oklahoma State baseball program found itself with a problem faced by many OSU students twice a year: moving.

In the same way that students move into a new dorm room, Greek house or apartment, the OSU baseball team moved into a new home this past week, O’Brate Stadium.

As any of those students will attest, moving is a lot of work.

The process of completely gutting an entire baseball stadium of everything the team needs was an incredible task. But sometimes the most incredible tasks have the simplest solutions.

“You start out with big truckloads, and then you shrink down to small truckloads, and the next thing you know it’s grabbing an item here and an item there,” OSU coach Josh Holliday said "…We were so darn excited to get over (to O’Brate stadium) that once we got the green light, we attacked it as a staff and got all the pickup trucks and flatbed trailers we could get our hands on.”

Holliday said that it took a couple of days to accomplish, and the equipment kids did an awesome job of getting everything brought over.

Like each player on the team, senior Cowboy infielder Dylan Gardner was charged with bringing the personal items in his locker to the new stadium.

“As a senior, you accumulate a lot of stuff over four years,” Gardner said. “So taking everything you had in your old locker and moving it to O’Brate (took some time).”

Kale Davis, a sophomore pitcher, is ecstatic to have moved to O'Brate. 

"To be in the new stadium is like a video game," Davis said. "It's something we've always dreamed of playing in, and now we get that chance."