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OSU coaches’ thoughts on new athletic director

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Weiberg and Shrum

A new boss is in town.

All Oklahoma State head coaches will be answering to a new athletic director, as Chad Weiberg assumed the position July 1. There was a similar feeling with each of the head coaches the O’Colly spoke with at the press conference to officially mark the move.

OSU baseball coach Josh Holliday said he and most of the other coaches have gotten to know Weiberg well during the last four years he spent at OSU training under former athletic director Mike Holder as deputy athletic director.

If there were a common theme among coaches’ comments it is that Weiberg focuses heavily on student-athletes.

“I think he’s a student-athlete driven athletic director, he’s going to be really mindful that we have programming and recess development to help them maximize whatever resources that need to be available to them,” men's basketball coach Mike Boynton said.

July 1 was Weiberg’s first official day on the job, but it also marked the first day NCAA athletes could pursue name image and likeness deals, changing the landscape of college athletics.

“There’s just a lot of challenges in collegiate sports right now and (Weiberg is) a guy that’s going to be informed, and he’s going to take on those challenges and he’s going to do what’s best for the student-athletes at Oklahoma State,” women’s basketball coach Jim Littell said.

Other phrases head coaches used to describe Weiberg were ‘personable,’ ‘positive and energetic,’ and ‘meets with people very well.’

“I think (Weiberg is) very focused on our student-athletes and the experience they have, and he obviously loves OSU deeply and that’s a pretty good formula,” Holliday said.