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Orange tradition: Dyeing hair an annual Bedlam tradition

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OSU defender/forward Kionna Simon before the Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma Bedlam soccer match on Thursday, November 12, 2020 at John Crain Field in Norman, Ok.

In late August, Hannah Webb and her Oklahoma State Cowgirl soccer teammates entered Spirit Halloween in Stillwater before their Bedlam trip to Norman.

The girls didn’t purchase a scary mask or their next Halloween costume. Instead, they bought 19 cans of an item essential to Bedlam soccer.

Orange hair spray.

“It was probably a strange look, but it was Bedlam and we needed it,” Webb said.

Members of the OSU squad have been dyeing each other’s hair orange for several years and the tradition has become popular among players.

“Some people do the ponytail, some people do their whole head,” Webb said. “It’s something kind of fun and a tradition that we started.”

Webb and forward Gabriella Coleman only like to spray parts of their hair — ponytail for Webb and the bun for Coleman.

“I don’t want full orange hair, I’ll just have the tips,” Coleman said.

But Grace Yochum, OSU midfielder, goes all out with full energy, just like her playing style.

“My first year, it was her (Yochum’s) ponytail and then the top of her head,” Coleman said. “I was like, ‘OK?’ I was like, ‘Is that gonna get out?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah. It’s gonna be fine.’ I’m like, ‘If I see orange in your hair the next day, I knew you were lying.’ I’m not doing that.”