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Notebook: Dunk contests and recruiting

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Donovan Williams

Donovan Williams talks with students. 

Playing plentiful positions

During the team practice at the Colvin Center, guards like Donovan Williams and Isaac Likekele were placed in the post. As bigger guards coach Mike Boynton said he believes they can see success on the low block.

“It is an asset to us,” Boynton said. “To have bigger guards play inside, it allows us to play small-ball when necessary. We are going to continue it moving forward.”

Williams said he will be taking advantage of the new opportunity and feels comfortable at a new position.

“It is very new,” Williams said. “Playing multiple positions can help me get on the court more. I see it as a positive. I am a bigger guard, I’m strong and I have a good body frame, so it feels natural for me.”

Midnight recruiting

Woody Newton, a transfer to Oklahoma State, revealed Boynton texted him once at midnight. The text was normal, simply checking up on Newton, but Newton appreciated the effort Boynton made late at night. Newton admitted the text was a major point and factor in his transfer to Oklahoma State. Boynton remembers the text as well.

“Recruiting is a passion of mine,” Boynton said. “I enjoy getting to know people, and these moments are not uncommon for me. We get really personal with players in the recruiting process.”

Homecoming hoops dunk contest

Woody Newton leaked there will be a dunk contest at Homecoming and Hoops. The participants in the show may include Bryce Williams and Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe. Boynton was unaware of the contest, but has an idea of who may win.

“I think Bryce (Williams) is going to win,” Boynton said. “The smaller guy always has an advantage, and he’s really athletic too. He does things in the air that makes you wonder.”