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Man in the middle: Kalib Boone embracing bigger role this season

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Kalib Boone looks to have a more successful season this year and is embracing his new improved role.

Kalib Boone isn’t the same player he was last season.

As a freshman last year, Boone saw his role grow throughout the season, eventually becoming the starting center. Though he was a bit undersized, Boone showcased his athleticism and how effective he can be. One of the priorities has been adding weight, and it’s been paying off.

Boone is now up 10 pounds from last year. Although it may not seem like a lot, the added size and strength have been noticeable.

“I can see Kalib when he's battling in the paint, he's actually moving people that are bigger than him now,” sophomore Keylan Boone said. “You can just see how it progressed by adding a little weight.”

Coming into this season as one of the only big men on Oklahoma State’s roster, Kalib has needed to embrace a bigger role.

It started in the weight room last year, and it’s progressing into a leadership role.

“This year I knew we weren’t gonna have many seniors,” Kalib said. “So, I told coach Mike [Boynton], ‘I want to be a leader.’”

Boynton has described Kalib as being structured and disciplined. Boynton could see how good Kalib can be, but Boynton wanted to see Kalib add size and become more vocal.

Now that Kalib has made big strides in those areas, Boynton is excited to see Kalib grow into what Cowboy fans assume will be an even bigger role this year.

“It's been the biggest step for me and I look forward to seeing [Kalib] have a bigger role, much more important role, being much more necessary for our success than last year,” Boynton said.