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Likekele's leadership present on the court in loss

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Isaac Likekele during Oakland vs. OSU

Oklahoma State was cold Friday night. Ice was not.

Isaac “Ice” Likekele was tied for leading the Cowboys in points, with 12. Likekele was also the most efficient scorer, shooting 60% from the field, and leading rebounder with nine boards.

Likekele’s performance was all for naught, as OSU fell to Oakland 56-55 in their second game of the regular season.

Likekele, the leader off the court, and leader on the court tonight for OSU, scored six points at the start of the second half in order to tie the score. OSU trailed 22-30 at the half, which caused Likekele to realize he needed to step up.

“I don’t want to force things,” Likekele said. “I just see how the flow of the game is going, to see if I need to be more aggressive scoring or if my teammates are.”

OSU coach Mike Boynton said Likekele tried to carry OSU on both ends of the court. Boynton complimented Likekele’s aggressiveness while on defense, as well as driving the ball to score. Boynton again vocalized Likekele’s attempt to impose his will and try to lead OSU to a victory.

Likekele took responsibility for OSU’s loss, saying he and the other veterans on the team should have to play better for the younger guys.

“It was just one of those days we came in relaxed,” Likekele said. “Not everyone is experienced. It falls on us veterans to make sure we bring in that aura. It stems from us leaders.”

Likekele knows he, and the rest of the Cowboys, must return to practice with a stronger mentality. Likekele said he believed he disappointed Boynton, and said the team will react to the loss with a positive attitude.

“We will respond well,” Likekele said. “With the guys we have, there is no other choice. Coach (Boynton) does not put up with anything else. Tomorrow we have to come in here and practice hard.”