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Less than week from game day, Cowboys don’t have any COVID-19 problems

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Oklahoma State's coach Mike Gundy calls for a time out during the Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State Football game on September 28, 2019 at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Despite Stillwater nearing the top 10 in national COVID-19 spikes, the Cowboy football team has seen some good news in what’s been a crummy year.

“We’re sitting here at zero,” coach Mike Gundy told reporters in a press conference Monday. “I mean (Dr. Val Gene Iven) has been unbelievable. I mean the guy should write a book on how to handle the virus.”

Big 12 policy for this season requires teams to test three times a week for two weeks leading up to game day, and through the first round of testing on game week, the Cowboys have zero positive tests.

“Our medical group was on the cutting edge with what they did, and it just happened that Dr. Iven’s plan was essentially flawless and perfect,” Gundy said. “With the fact that we brought them in as early as possible, we gained tons of information and learned about the process.”

The Cowboys have had only a limited number of cases reported in their dashboard over all sports, which is in a large part thanks to the medical staff's preparation and understanding of the virus.

“We have helped contribute to eliminating a lot of the virus in Stillwater and in the state, which is maybe a bigger impact than even playing in the games,” Gundy said.

Players and coaches have been vocal about wanting to play, and now that it’s less than a week away, just about everyone is anxious to start.

And so, the OSU athletic department has been working hard to make sure it can happen.

“My point is the way that his approach and the way that it was handled within our athletic department has been fabulous, and we are very thankful to be in this position for a lot of reasons,” Gundy said. “The players want to play, they want to compete. Nobody wants to miss a game, coaches don’t want to miss a game."