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How TikTok is helping OSU basketball bond off the court

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OSU MBB at Oklahoma 020120-0193.jpg

OSU guard Avery Anderson III dribbles during the Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State men's basketball Bedlam on Saturday, February 1, 2020 at Lloyd Noble Center in Norman.

Donovan Williams and Avery Anderson III combine for 113.1 thousand followers on TikTok

On the popular social media app, users post dance videos to different songs. Williams and Anderson are the most popular OSU basketball players on the app, but Keylan Boone, Kalib Boone and Chris Harris Jr. are also popular on the platform.

Anderson and Willams use the app as a fun way to pass time when they aren’t at Gallagher Iba preparing for basketball games.

“I’m here for basketball, but you’ll have some fun while you’re here,” Williams said.

Anderson has been making TikToks with his teammates since last season, and when Williams came in with this year's freshman class, it was a match.

“When we saw (Williams) doing it this year, it was perfect,” Anderson said. “It was a team bond kind of feel. We just are doing crazy stuff.”

One person that has not been in a TikTok video on either channel is coach Mike Boynton.

“It’ll probably take a lot ,especially as the season approaches,” Williams said. “He’s all about business, so it’ll take a lot.”

On the other hand, Anderson said it shouldn’t be too hard because Anderson got OSU football coach Mike Gundy in a video last season.

“We haven’t tried, but we should try,” Anderson said. “I think he’ll go for it cause if coach Gundy did it, he’s going to have to do it.”