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Homecoming, hoops and Halloween: OSU debuts 2021 basketball teams at Beta house

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HOCO and Hoops

Homecoming & Hoops - Remix hosted by the OSU basketball teams.

Avery Anderson walked out of the tunnel wearing a mask.

Not a mask we typically think of now, it was a Halloween clown mask. Anderson was one of the final men’s basketball players introduced at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house at OSU.

The annual Homecoming and Hoops event usually takes place at Gallagher-Iba Arena after Walkaround, but this year it took place on the newly constructed outdoor courts at a fraternity house. Small sets of bleachers were built to host the fans in attendance.

The temperature had dipped to the low 50-degrees with strong winds by the start of the event at 9 p.m., which made sweatshirts necessary. Lighting was limited, as strobe lights were the only source of lights. The celebration opened with OSU alumnus and winner of the 2001 NBA Dunk Contest, Desmond Mason, introducing the activities. 

The festivities began with the introduction of the Cowgirls basketball team. Each player came out of the inflatable tunnel in the corner of the court, dancing to a song of their choice. Cowgirls coach Jim Littell walked out last, holding his 2020 Big 12 Coach of the Year trophy.

The team broke into two groups, one on each side of the court, and began a 3-point shooting contest. The fans on the west side of the court cheered as Lauren Fields made three after three, eventually winning the competition.

Next, the Cowboys took the court. The OSU men’s basketball roster was introduced, but contrary to the warm-up jackets and pants the women’s team wore, the men donned Halloween masks and hoodies. Avery Anderson, Bryce Williams and Isaac Likekele covered their faces with Halloween masks, while Rondel Walker wore a pink ski mask.

Coach Mike Boynton was the last introduced, and by far received the biggest ovation from the crowd. He then proceeded to run around the court, high-fiving every fan he could.

The team likewise broke into two groups on each side of the court, and started 3-point contests. The power at the house occasionally went out, so a winner was not announced. A table was then placed on the half court line, and three people sat in chairs. The dunk contest was about to bgin.

Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe, Bryce Thompson and Moussa Cisse competed, and the crowd was fully invested, erupting into cheer after each dunk.

Moncrieffe the ball off the backboard from in-between his legs, and threw down a tomahawk dunk on the first try.

Thompson threw the ball into the air, caught the ball in the air after it bounced off the court, and completed a two-handed reverse. Cisse’s first attempt was scary for fans, and most likely Boynton, as the crowd gasped as he slipped on the court. Cisse then used two hands on a simple reverse dunk.

After another round, Moncrieffe was unable to complete a dunk after three attempts, however Thompson was deemed the winner of the competition.

By the end of the event, the speaker system was not operating, and the hosts were unable to communicate to the fans, so the crowd began to disperse into various directions of Stillwater.