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Health and experience: The keys to deliver on OSU's hype

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Head coach Mike Gundy during the last Oklahoma State Football spring practice, in Boone Pickens Stadium, April 20, 2019.

The OSU football team comes into this unprecedented season with almost equally unprecedented … hype? Excitement? High Expectations?

Though the No. 15 Cowboys have racked up preseason accolades and national attention, coach Mike Gundy is setting his sights on much more meaningful things that OSU has this year.

“I think we have a really good skill set,” Gundy told reporters on Monday. “We have depth, we have maturity, we have players that have competed in big-time conference games, at home, on the road, bowl games. In my opinion, that’s an important ingredient in having a really good season.”

Depth and experience in 2020 may be even more important to a team’s success than it usually does to the volatility that this season is expected to have.

With expectations high and offseason preparation time short, Gundy and the OSU coaching staff have worked hard to give their team the best chance to make good on the hype. Their efforts, though not complete, have seemed to pay off.

“I like where we are at with our team,” Gundy said. “But the health and maturity that we have has to stay a priority for us to be able to continue to have a good season.”