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Hannah’s highlight: Great goal gives Webb her first career score

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Cowgirl defender Hannah Webb during the Cowgirl soccer game against TCU on Friday, October 9, 2020, at Neal Patterson Stadium in Stillwater.

Career goals are like lottery wins ー one is a whole lot more than zero.

For Hannah Webb, one play on Friday night made her the big winner.

The play came in the first half of an eventual 2-1 Oklahoma State loss to TCU. After Webb corralled a loose ball just inside the right corner of the TCU box, the senior defender sizzled a shot towards the goal.

Though Webb had never scored a goal in her remarkable OSU career, you would not know it from the shot. The ball was curled expertly and just managed to squeeze between a futile Emily Alvarado save attempt and the right post.

“I think it was the inside of her foot and she bent it, kind of curled it,” coach Collin Carmichael said. “She kind of brought it from outside in.”

The goal brought a stunned crowd at Neal Patterson to its feet, and it brought Hannah Webb’s career goal tally from zero to one.

“Honestly, I was so shocked that it went in,” Webb said. “This was my first college goal that I’ve ever scored. As soon as I hit it, it started curling up in the air. I was like, ‘Oh my God, I really hope this goes in the goal.’”

Webb was not the only Cowgirl watching in suspense as the ball cleaved through the air.

“When that ball was in the air, I held my breath for the longest time,” freshman defender Kionna Simon said. “I was just hoping it went in. When it did I was like, ‘Yes, thank you.”

Simon, who was one of many Cowgirls to give Webb a hug after the goal, said that it being her teammate’s first career goal made the celebration even more special.

“She told us it was her first goal and I was like, ‘Oh my God it is,’” Simon said. “So it is even more sweet.”

The goal excited Oklahoma State for multiple reasons. Aside from it being Webb’s first, it came at a crucial point in the match. With the score even, and TCU keeper Emily Alvarado playing so well, the shot was also a critical score.

“It was a world class goal,” Carmichael said. “It had to be to beat their keeper today. If Hannah didn’t put it exactly where she did in that top corner, their keeper would have probably made the save.”

Though Webb and the Cowgirls came away with their first defeat of the young season, the fact that Webb’s first college goal was delivered in a flourish is a positive that gives the team a moment to relish.

“First goal, and what a way to get it,” Carmichael said. “It couldn’t have been a better shot.”

Webb said the shot will be special to her, though she is no stranger to scoring in practice, she is happy to have her hard work pay off in a match.

“I’ll score a goal every once in a while (in practice)," Webb said. “But to have it translate to the game was pretty cool."

Though the losing result of Friday’s match against TCU is forgettable for OSU, who entered the game undefeated, Webb’s joyous moment will be something that the entire team can enjoy reliving.

“We watch video on Monday,” Webb said with a smile. “I’m going to have our coach play that like five times in a row, so nobody forgets it.”