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Gundy breaks down Bedlam, disastrous first quarter

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OSU football coach Mike Gundy talked about Thanksgiving sides, the Cowboys loss to Oklahoma and Saturday's regular season finale against West Virginia.

Mike Gundy was relaxed. 

He started his weekly press conference talking about how he likes to dip pretzel thins into yogurt. He ended it by making sure he was allowed sufficient time to properly dissect which Thanksgiving sides are the best.

He enjoys his sister’s sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole and avoids the healthy stuff like fruit, for those wondering.

Gundy, OSU's football coach, stayed relaxed breaking down OSU’s 28-13 defeat to Oklahoma.

He said nothing surprised him when he rewatched the first quarter of the game, a quarter the Sooners dominated, racking up 28 points and 299 yards of offense.

“Not really,” Gundy said. “They got us in a couple of man-coverages, made good throws. (Drake) Stoops made good catches. And then offensively, the early scores allowed them to dial up pretty much anything they wanted to do on defense, because we were backed up and weren’t moving the ball at all. So, it gave them a lot of freedom.”

After the game, Gundy was asked why quarterback Spencer Sanders, who has protected the ball well this season, threw four interceptions. The answer was pressure in his face, the scourge of the Cowboy offense this season.

Gundy shared his assessment of the offensive line.   

“Well ironically, the guy that’s graded the highest the last few weeks has been (Jason) Brooks, and he didn’t grade out because he didn’t play. A couple of the guys that graded lower, graded higher in this game. So, I don’t have an answer for you. I’m being honest with you.”

Oklahoma sacked Sanders five times on Saturday. After the game, Gundy said the Cowboys were playing musical chairs up front, shifting linemen around because of injuries.

“They’re just inconsistent in areas,” Gundy said. “That’s all I was saying. (Jason) Brooks graded out the highest the last two or three weeks, I think, I don’t know how many weeks it’s been. And then a couple of the guys that didn’t, they graded out better in this game. So, we need them to all come together.”