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Gundy advocates for five years of eligibility

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Mike Gundy

OSU football coach Mike Gundy went viral for a mini-rant at a reporter after the Cowboys 24-17 loss to Wisconsin in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — A T-shirt popular among students at OSU carries a funny and cynical message.  

“Stillwater: the best four or five years of your life”

Mike Gundy, OSU's football coach, might be a fan of that shirt. Ahead of OSU’s matchup in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl, Gundy, always willing to share what he thinks about college football as a whole, offered an idea.

Players should get five years of eligibility.

“Eventually (the NCAA is) going to have to go to five years of eligibility because of all the movement in the portal,” Gundy said. “And when you have movement where guys opt out and are not able to practice or play in these games you then have potential risk for injury because guys are being overworked.”

Gundy’s logic is simple, even though the problem of roster size fluctuating at various points in the season is confounding. He gave the example of in August, being limited on how many players he can bring in even though the team is practicing more than it does in season.

“It's a big picture,” Gundy said. “We should be able to bring in what our roster is in August. They haven’t gotten that changed yet, so they allowed the extra game to not count for redshirt in my opinion because of all the movement with all the teams across the country and when you lose a certain number of players you need to find a way to recoup that.

And so, I think it's beneficial for all of us and it was a good move on their part seeing what happened with all the movement. They said we’re going to need to do something to help from a practice standpoint which I’m guessing this is what the answer is, but ultimately, they need to go to five years of eligibility. Everything else has changed, so you might as well go to five years.” 

Feeling it out

This season, when OSU’s opponent has a clouded quarterback situation, Gundy said he usually has a good feel for who the opponent will play.

Not this time.

“Well, we don’t have a lot of feel for them based on the circumstances,” Gundy said.

The Badgers play redshirt senior Chase Wolf or potentially take a look at the future and start redshirt freshman Myles Burkett. Gundy didn’t sound concerned about not knowing which player his team might see more of. 

“I think the concepts are going to stay relatively the same,” Gundy said. “I’m guessing that they’re in a similar situation as us, they’re going to feel their way through as they decide what to do and what direction to go as the game starts.”

Running into a familiar problem 

OSU’s defense is surrendering 171.3 rushing yards a game this season. 

That’s not good.

Wisconsin averages 173.3 rushing yards this season.

That’s good.

Now it should be clear why badger running backs Braelon Allen and Chez Mellusi are pumped for Tuesday’s game. It is a golden opportunity to end the season on a high note.

“They are good players,” Gundy said. “You got to get down in there and stop them, got to tackle them. You know when we look back at our defense, we were in position most of the time to stop runs for six yards or less, and I’m talking about the ones that ended up being bigger than that. We missed tackles, we were in position we missed tackles. So, it will be important for us to tackle well, be able to wrap those guys up and get them on the ground.”

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