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Do The Gundy: Anderson explains how Cowboy football coach ended up in Tik Tok video

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Mike Gundy collaborated with Cowboy basketball players for a dance on Tik Tok, a popular app for creating short videos.

Mike Gundy had a question for the Oklahoma State men’s basketball team.

“Hey, y’all want to make a Tik Tok?”

Avery Anderson III, a freshman guard, hadn’t expected to hear those words when Gundy was passing through the Cowboy basketball locker room, but Anderson and his teammates jumped on the chance to make a dance video that featured the football coach. Tik Tok, an app that allows users to create and post short videos, has recently rocketed in popularity, and Gundy decided to follow the trend.

Gundy has garnered attention for occasionally breaking into “The Gundy” dance after big football victories, but this involved some new moves. The Cowboys taught him the steps, and though Gundy wasn’t exactly in sync with the players, Anderson said they didn’t need many takes to have a Tik Tok-worthy product.

“We only did it probably three times,” Anderson said. “I was surprised. I thought were going to have to redo it all over again like a million times, but he got it.”

Anderson posted the video on his account, and it popped up on Twitter when OSU Athletics reporter/producer Jessica Morrey shared it Wednesday.

Gundy sported a long-sleeved camouflage OSU shirt as he stood in the center of the locker room and initiated the dance, looking at the camera with a serious expression as he stepped from side to side. Anderson, Dee Mitchell, Chris Harris Jr., Isaac Likekele and JK Hadlock joined him.

At about the 11-second mark of the 15-second clip, Lindy Waters III made an appearance in the background, but fellow senior Cameron McGriff isn’t wrapped up in the Tik Tok craze.

“That’s definitely for the young guys,” McGriff said. “But it’s cool, it’s a good way to express themselves. It will be a surprise if you see me on there.”

Anderson, who frequently posts videos under the username aboogie0, explained that he has figured out the key to creating quality content.

“Editing is a big thing that makes the video good,” Anderson said. “So if you can edit real good, then the video’s going to be good.”

Anderson’s coach might not appear as a guest star in a video, though. Anderson said he doesn’t think he can convince Mike Boynton to dance, and Boynton said he doesn’t know what the app is. Although Boynton joked that he isn’t a man because he is not yet 40, the unfamiliarity of Tik Tok shows him he isn’t a college kid anymore.

“I’m actually starting to feel like an old man,” Boynton said. “This is kind of becoming embarrassing a little bit because I pride myself on still having some relevancy with these guys.”

Boynton didn’t realize Gundy had visited the Cowboys’ locker room until someone showed him the Tik Tok video during lunch Wednesday. He referred to Gundy as “a pretty cool dude” and said he wasn’t surprised to learn Gundy had the idea to do the dance.

“Coach has been an unbelievable supporter of our program,” Boynton said. “But the wave of Tik Tok, I’m not sure that I’m quite there yet.”