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Cowgirls win close match vs TCU

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Lucia Peyre

At just 17, Lucia Peyre has worked her way to Court three in singles play with the Cowgirls.

The doubles point looked anything but attainable

However, the Cowgirls found a way.

OSU women’s tennis handled TCU tonight by a score of 4-1. In a very physical, hard-fought match, points were scored by doubles matches, Lucia Peyre, Sophia Rojas and Ayumi Miyamoto acting as closer for the match.

It was an eventful night in Stillwater, as more than just tennis was to be found at the Greenwood Tennis Center. Midway through the intense match between Alana Wolfberg and TCU’s Mercedes Aristegui.

Aristegui, a passionate player, celebrated after every point, making sure everyone knew who scored. However, tennis is still a game of quiet and focus, so when a group of people started to interrupt in that, she once again made her presence known.

Mid-match, Aristegui yelled for the crew to be quieter towards the line judge, as she could, “Hear everything they’re saying”.

Lucia Peyre was the first athlete to put the Cowgirls on the singles board in the night, winning her match 6-2 in set one and 7-5 in the second. Despite the quick win, Peyre claims that she was off of her rhythm for most of the night. There always comes an adjustment when shifting from outdoor season to indoor, and the Cowgirls most certainly felt this in the air tonight.

“It was pretty cold today,” Peyre said. “I was pretty surprised that we played outside, but we just had to deal with it. Play and do our best.”

The doubles play today was the defining piece of the match. The dynamic duo in Ayumi Miyamoto and Raquel Gonzalez have been electric, as they remain undefeated since they have played in tandem. The duo that made the most noise today was Sofia Rojas and Kristina Novak. Having never played together before, they would face one of the biggest challenges for even the most experienced of pairs.

The doubles point seemingly felt out of reach for the Cowgirls. With court two being down 1-5, the Cowgirls would have to win four games in a row to even think about tying things up.

And that they did. And then some.

The Cowgirls on court two stormed back in a gritty, physical match with Rojas and Novak leading the way.

“I think that’s the one thing the good teams do is find a way to win even when it doesn’t look great,” said Chris Young, OSU's coach. “To come back the way they did, that shows that they didn’t give up on it and they stayed with it.”