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Cowgirl basketball film breakdown: OSU beat Lady Bears

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Anna Gret Asi

The OSU Cowgirls won their fourth straight game as they defeated the Baylor Lady Bears 77-56. Here’s a breakdown of some of the top Cowgirl plays from an exciting afternoon at Gallagher-Iba Arena.

Taylen Collins denies Ja’Mee Asberry

Ja’Mee Asberry is operating in the pick-and-roll with Caitlin Bickle, but decides to deny the pick and drive the other way. Asberry has a nice drive going on Anna Gret Asi as she uses a change of pace to get to the rim. But Taylen Collins is playing help defense in the paint because Baylor wing Darianna Littlepage-Buggs doesn’t do the best job of spacing the floor.

Once Asberry gets to the rim Collins slides over and swats the shot with her left hand.

Naomie Alnatas drops no-look dime to Anna Gret Asi

Naomie Alnatas is pushing the ball in transition and Baylor is struggling to man up. There is obvious miscommunication going on and Jana Van Gytenbeek is at the center of it. Jaden Owens points to Alnatas to signal to her team that is who she is guarding and that causes Van Gytenbeek to have to guard someone else. She immediately starts scrambling and looking for someone to guard. But by that time, it’s too late.

Alnatas drives to her right and drops a no-look pass behind her to the trailing Asi who knocks down the three.

And-one layup for Kassidy De Lapp

This play begins with Claire Chastain at the top of the key and Kassidy De Lapp trying to seal off Bickle in the middle of the lane.

Chastain fakes a pass to get Catarina Ferreira off her feet and begins her drive. Once De Lapp sees that Chastain is driving right at her she fades to the block to give Chastain a dump off option. Ferreira decides to double team Chastain on the drive, leaving De Lapp wide open. Chastain feeds the ball to De Lapp, and she finishes the and-one layup.