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Cowboys fall just shy to Texas A&M

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Mens Tennis OSU vs. Michigan

Dominik Kellovsky and Etienne Donnet play their doubles match as the Cowboys play No. 4 Michigan Wolverines on Feb. 21, 2020 at the Greenwood Tennis Center in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

It was a heartbreaker for the Cowboys at the Greenwood Tennis Center.

The Cowboys, fell just shy of doubles, and had to rely on their big dogs to win in singles.

Etienne Donnet, Emile Hudd and Mathieu Scaglia were able to win in singles.

Matej Vocel, Henrik Korsgaard and Dominik Kellovsky all went down during a 3-1 score.

With Vocel knocking on the doorstep, his opponent, Valentin Vacherot gave himself chances and fired away shots that were hard to fire back on. Kellovsky was in a tough battle against Pierce Rollins and Korsgaard was in a back-and-forth match against Juan Carlos Aguilar in what looked like a size mismatch against Aguilar.

Aguilar at No. 33 in singles, used his size to find the holes to get points.

Coach Scoville Jenkins said that it was a disappointing looking locker room after the match.

“Matej is a combination of sad, upset (and) disappointed,” Jenkins said. “He’s got all the feelings right now, which is natural, that’s in his player.”

Even though the Cowboys won six first sets in the match and started strong, they didn’t end like they wanted to.

“I give credit to Texas A&M, they fought, they never quit,” Jenkins said. “They were basically losing the whole match until about the last 20 minutes of the match.”

The Cowboys had a similar match against Wake Forest in 2020, where they fell short, 4-3, but Jenkins said this one is more disappointing.

“This one hurts a little bit more just because we were just right there,” Jenkins said. “I’m not disappointed, but I’m for sure sad.”

Donnet who won in his singles today, said that the players in the locker room are feeling the same heartbreak after this loss.

“To be honest, they were very frustrated, and it’s normal,” Donnet said.

Jenkins has also mentioned his concerns with doubles in this match.

“I still think in doubles, we’re just not consistent enough throughout the whole match,” Jenkins said. “When we go up a break, we go down a break, we lose sometimes, we let our nerves get the best of us and for me it’s just an execution thing where I think the teams are good, but we’re not executing and we have to execute better, we’re just not executing at all.”