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Cowboys down Tulsa for back-to-back wins

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Mens Tennis OSU vs. Michigan

Dominik Kellovsky and Etienne Donnet play their doubles match as the Cowboys play No. 4 Michigan Wolverines on Feb. 21, 2020 at the Greenwood Tennis Center in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Dominant would be an understatement for the last two evenings at the Greenwood Tennis Center.

The Cowboys won in a sweep against Tulsa, 7-0. They’ve combined to beat their first two opponents, Wichita State and Tulsa, by a combined score of 13-1.

Coach Jay Udwadia was proud of his guys for finishing hard against Tulsa, which has ranked players of its own to deal with.

Udwadia said he saw a difference in his team’s play in two straight nights, even though the Cowboys dominated both matches.

“Both teams were a little bit nervous in that first match, you know it’d been nine, 10 months before we played a college match, so, today, I think it helped us a lot and that was Tulsa’s first match and I think what we saw was we were a little bit more comfortable,” Udwadia said. “In general, this was a cleaner match against a great opponent.”

No. 49 Matej Vocel had a tough matchup against No. 67 Kody Pearson from Tulsa, but he came through in a hard-fought (6-4), (6-4) victory in singles.

No. 101 Emile Hudd was that force once again for the Cowboys, winning in singles, (7-6) and (6-3).

Freshman Matisse Bobichon from Lyon, France picked up his first collegiate win.

“For a first match, that’s kind of good,” Bobichon said. “I was nervous, excited, but I think in the first half, I was pretty good.”