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Cowboys down Tigers 4-1

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Mens Tennis OSU vs. Michigan

Emile Hudd plays his singles match as the Cowboys play No. 4 Michigan Wolverines on Feb. 21, 2020 at the Greenwood Tennis Center in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma State Cowboys men's tennis team notched their fifth win of the season against No.22 Memphis, 4-1.

The game started out with the Cowboys losing the doubles point, which has been a recurring theme over the last couple of matches. Coach Scoville Jenkins has addressed this issue.

“There is just a lack of execution, it feels like we are thinking too much in doubles instead of just going out there playing, “ Jenkins said.

The Tigers looked strong coming off doubles, which left the Cowboys knowing they had to come up big in the singles matches. As soon as the Cowboys took the courts it felt like there was a change in the atmosphere shifting in the opposite direction.The Cowboys looked locked in on each of the courts as they refused to lose another game at home.

Although the Cowboys were playing on separate courts it looked as though they were playing as one unit as they took care of business swiftly winning the first six sets on all the courts. The following sets were the same story, the Cowboys won four matches leaving two unfinished.

After a hard-fought loss last Friday against Texas, the Cowboys needed to bounce back and they did just that with authority against the Tigers.