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Cowboy wrestlers at UWW Junior and Senior Nationals: LIVE TRACKER

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Jakason Burks wrestles during Bedlam on Feb. 21 inside Gallagher-Iba Arena. Photo Courtesy: Bruce Waterfield/OSU Athletics

Twelve wrestlers with Oklahoma State University ties are competing at the United World Wrestling Junior and Senior Nationals this weekend in Coralville, Iowa.

Follow along for live coverage throughout the weekend. 

April 30, 2021 — Junior Greco-Roman

Jakason Burks, Cowboy freshman competing at 60 kilograms.

 Round of 16: Burks (Cowboy RTC) def Evan Janson (Takedown Express Wrestling Club), VSU1 9-1 2:44

Quarterfinals: Kase Mauger (Utah Valley RTC) def Burks, VSU 8-0 1:29

Consolation of 8: Burks def. Andrew Chambal (Michigan Wrestling Club) 9-0 1:39

Consolation of 4: Carter Stephenson (Black Fox Wrestling Academy) def. Burks, 8-0 0:57

Seventh-place bout: Burks def. Nick Masters (Princeton Wrestling Club) 10-0 1:13

Talmage Carman, Cowboy signee competing at 82 kilograms

Round of 16: Bye

Quarterfinals: Jonathon Fagen (Spartan Combat RTC) def Carman (Sanderson Wrestling Academy), VSU 10-0 3:49

Consolation of four: Cole Pence (Wisconsin) def. Carman 8-0 1:38

Seventh-place bout: Carman def. John Sexton (Kentucky RTC) 8-0 0:30

Wrestlers competing in Senior and Junior Men's Freestyle:

Junior Freestyle 61 Kilograms: Reece Witcraft, sophomore and Burks 


Round of 64: Witcraft def. Caden Siebrecht (Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club) 10-0 0:36

Round of 32: Wiftcaft def. Yury Pozdneev (Columbus Wrestling Club) 11-0 1:28

Round of 16:  Carter Young (Stillwater High School) def. Witcraft 12-2 4:15

Burks: Round of 32: Brady Hankin (Betterman Elite Wrestling) def. Burks 11-0 1:00

 Consi of 16: Cullan Schriever def. Burks VSU 10-0 2:57

Teague Travis (65 Kilograms, OSU 2021 Signee, Stillwater High)

Round of 64: Travis def. Caleb Meunier (Askren Wrestling Academy Lake Country) VSU1 12-2 2:08

Round of 32: Daniel Cardenas (Bear Cave) def. Travis 7-2

Consi of 32 #2: Travis def. Ryan Michaels (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) VSU 10-0 3:44

Consi of 16 #1: Travis def. Theodore Cha (Gopher Wrestling Club) VSU1 18-8 3:45

Consi of 16 #2: Travis def. Antonio George (Oklahoma RTC) 9-4

Consi of 8 #1: Shannon Hanna (Buies Creek Wrestling Club) def. Travis 5-2

Junior Freestyle 70 Kilograms: Daniel Manibog, redshirt freshman and Anthony Ferrari, 2022 OSU commit (Stillwater High School)

Manibog: Round of 64: Manibog def. Marco Ruffinelli (San Francisco Wrestling Club) VSU 10-0 1:08

Round of 32: Manibog def. Terrell Barraclough (Nittany Lion Wrestling Club) 10-6

Round of 16: Edward Scott (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) def. Manibog  15-8

Consi of 16 #2: Manibog def. Daniel Mancini (Pittsburgh Wrestling Club) VFA 3:25 13-2

Consi of 8 #1: Trevor Chumbley (Wildcat Wrestling Club) def. Manibog VSU1 13-2 3:35

Ferrari: Round of 64: Ferrari def. Jackson Dean (Pennsylvania RTC) VSU 10-0 0:59

Round of 32: Ferrari def. Willie McDougald (Oklahoma RTC, OU Freshman) 10-0 VSU 3:00

Round of 16: Ferrari def. Trevor Chumbley (Wildcat Wrestling Club) 12-2 4:47

Quarterfinals: Edward Scott (Wolfpack Wrestling Club) def. Ferrari 11-7

Consi of 8 #2: Joey Bianchi (Arkansas RTC) def. Ferrari inj. default

Junior Freestyle 86 Kilograms: Kyle Haas, 2021 OSU Commit, (Maize High School, Maize, Kansas) and Talmage Carman, 2021 OSU Signee (Herriman High School, Herriman, Utah)

Haas: Round of 32: Haas def. Reece Worachek (Wisconsin) VSU 10-0 0:43

Round of 16: Haas def. Shane Quick (Buies Creek Wrestling Club) VSU 10-0 0:41

Quarterfinals: Haas def. Duwayne Villalpando (Tiger Style Wrestling Club) inj. default 1:17 6-4

Semifinals: Darrien Roberts (Oklahoma RTC) def. Haas 8-3

Consi-semis: Smith (Georgia) def. Haas 13-7

Fifth-place bout:  Sam Wolf (Colorado) def. Haas 12-4

Carman: Round of 32:  Drayton Harris (Missouri) def. Carman 6-3

Consi of 32 #2: Carman def. Wyatt Hoeppner (Colorado Mesa Wrestling Club) VSU1 14:4 2:24

Consi of 16 #1: Reece Worachek (Wisconsin) def. Carman 13-7

Junior Freestyle 92 Kilograms: Luke Surber, freshman

Round of 16: Surber def. Ma Shaw (Tar Heel Wrestling Club) 14-4 4:36

Quarterfinals: Rocky Elam (Tiger Style) def. Surber 7-2

Consi of 8 #2: Surber def. Levi Hopkins (Buies Creek Wrestling Club) VSU 10-0 0:41

Consi of 4: Surber def. Trevor Tinker (Central Coast RTC) VSU 10-0 0:47

Consi-semis: Surber def. Isiah Pettigrew (Team Poeta) 10-0 ):44

Third-place bout: Surber def. Max Shaw (Tar Heel Wrestling Club) 11:0 5:29 

Junior Freestyle 125 Kilograms: Konner Doucet, freshman

Round of 16: Doucet def. Robbie Unruh (Bulls Wrestling Club) 10-0 1:13

Quarterfinals: Doucet def. Peter Christensen (Wisconsin RTC) 2-1

Semifinals: Wyatt Hendrickson (Air Force) def. Doucet VFA 2-0 0:32

Consi-semis: Matthew Cover (Princeton Wrestling Club) def. Doucet 5-1

Fifth-place bout: Doucet def. Steven Kolcheff (Tiger Style) 8-0 injury default 3:00

Senior Freestyle 79 Kilograms: Travis Wittlake, redshirt sophomore

Round of 32: Wittlake def. Justin Phillips (Cavalier Wrestling Club), VSU1 13-2 3:31

Round of 16: Wittlake def. Muhamed McBryde (New York Athletic Club) 2-1

Quarterfinals: Isaiah Martinez (Beaver Dam RTC) def. Wittlake 9-3

Consi of 8 #1: Michael O'Malley (Pennsylvania RTC) def. Wittlake 4-3

Senior Freestyle 97 Kilograms: Derek White OSU (2012-2017), NCAA Qualifier (2017)

Round of 32: White def. Brandon Metz (Bison Wrestling Club) 3-0

Round of 16: Anthony Cassioppi (Hawkeye Wrestling Club) def. White 4-1

Consi of 16 #2:  Mauro Correnti (New York Athletic Club) def. White VP01 3-3

Senior Freestyle 125 Kilograms:Austin Schafer  OSU (2016-2019), Two-time Big 12 Champion (2018, 2019) and NCAA heavyweight runner-up (2019)

Round of 16: Schafer (New York Athletic Club) def. Joseph Reimers (Nebraska Golden Eagles Wrestling Club) 10-0 2:31

Quarterfinals: Schafer def. Christopher Smith (Southeast RTC) 9-4

Semifinals: Schafer def. Samuel Mitchell (Bulls Wrestling Club) VSU1 14-4 2:07

1st Place Bout: Schafer def. Nathan Rotert (Jackrabbit Wrestling Club) 10:0 1:39