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Corrections to make: Cowboys down Memphis 4-1

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Mens Tennis OSU vs. Michigan

Emile Hudd and Matej Vocel play their doubles match as the Cowboys play No. 4 Michigan Wolverines on Feb. 21, 2020 at the Greenwood Tennis Center in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Even though the Cowboys beat Memphis, 4-1, the Cowboys said they still have to make major adjustments.

With the depth the Cowboys have, the team feels they should be playing up to the standard.

They don’t think so quite yet.

Even though Dominik Kellovsky won his singles match, not a single pair of Cowboys won their doubles match.

“We have been very bad in doubles so far, I think there’s not much to say, we’re just trying to figure out a couple of things, it’s not great, we’re struggling on each spot and I generally think that we have to be much, much better than this to achieve the goals which we are setting, so we can’t lose doubles points to the players which we have,” Kellovsky said.

A team that has numerous nationally recognized players should be able to put up a battle in doubles, at least that’s what Kellovsky said.

“I think that we have that many good players to play in doubles, that doesn’t matter who we’re going to play against, we should at least compete for each doubles point and not lose them, because we are losing them right now,” Kellovsky said.

Emile Hudd had a day, winning 6-4 and 6-4 in doubles.

Hudd said he knew the way to beat his opponent in this game, but has the same thoughts about the latest struggles.

“For us, I think everyone is a skillful doubles player, it’s just kind of about lack of confidence and a rhythm,” Hudd said. “I don’t think it’s anything to do with ability or pairing, it’s just a confidence thing.”

Coach Scoville Jenkins was emphasizing the adversity the team faced after the doubles matches, but also addressed the struggles to his team after the game.

“It just feels like in doubles, there could be a little bit of confidence because there’s a lack of execution,” Jenkins said. “It feels like we’re just thinking too much, it wasn’t all bad, sure, but we just have to be better at execution.”

When it comes to Big 12 play, Jenkins said the problems need to be fixed.

Jenkins said that losing is one thing, but the competition is what matters.

“Even if we don’t win the doubles point, we have to make it tougher,” Jenkins said. “I’m tough on them and not happy with doubles because I know we can do a lot better, if we couldn’t, it’d be a different story but we can, we can do so much better.”