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Column: Wear a mask if you want a football season

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The Oklahoma State's senior day ceremony held before the Oklahoma State vs. OU football game on Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019, at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Before you move another step, ask yourself this: do you want to watch your favorite football team play this fall?

Now, no matter the answer to the previous question, which should be yes, you should want the best for everyone, not just yourself. You should want everyone to live a healthy life.

That means wearing a mask when you are out in public and/or around people.

With COVID-19 cases rising across the country the likelihood of football season is looking more and more grim each day. Especially with some Power 5 conferences going to conference-only schedules.

The Ivy League recently announced that they would be pushing back all fall sports to the spring. A lot of national voices said they didn’t think this decision would sway FBS conferences in making a decision. But it will most likely play a bigger role than people think.

After all, Ivy League schools are the most elite academic institutions in the US, and their decisions will be treated with the weight that comes with that title.

There is nothing anyone can do to ensure that there will be a football season, but wearing a mask can only help the chances of a season.

This also affects other sports because without football, more and more sports will have to cut athletic programs because they can’t support them. If a school with the financial stability of Stanford has to cut programs, it’s only a matter of time.

However, this goes far beyond the football field and even sports in general. It goes into basic human decency.

In absolutely no way is asking people to wear masks fear mongering. It’s protecting the citizens of cities and states. COVID-19 is real and is not going away unless everyone works together to fight it.

State and even local counties are finally coming around to mandate masks in public, and it couldn’t come at a better time. Texas is just one example of states mandating masks.

Norman’s city council passed an ordinance that would require masks at all times in public, and Stillwater won’t be far behind as a mask ordinance is being passed onto the second reading before going into effect.

People are so quick to make situations into political arguments, but a piece of cloth isn’t political. It doesn’t need to and shouldn’t be a political issue to wear a mask.

No one is taking your freedom.

Luckily, the world isn’t shut down anymore. The same group of people who were up in arms about the shutdown are the same people angry that cities are open, but with rules.

Everything is open. Just wear a mask, it's that simple.