Collin Oliver talks his commitment to Cowboys

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Hungry, humble, versatile and fast, four words that describe Collin Oliver, the four-star Oklahoma State commit out of Santa Fe High School in Edmond, Oklahoma. 

Oliver comes into the program as the No. 228 prospect in the country, No. nine inside linebacker and No. five player in Oklahoma

Despite missing three games last season due to a knee contusion, Oliver was still able get 26 tackles and seven tackles for a loss last season.

Something he brings to the Cowboys, which attracts programs would is versatility, Oliver’s ability to go back and forth between linebacker and defensive end is a valuable asset to have if a player wants to see the field early. 

“I bring a lot of versatility, I’m not one to boast about myself like that, but I am confident in my ability to be very versatile, to play whatever position, whatever coach wants me to play,” said Oliver. “I’m confident in that ability, you that’s definitely what I believe I could bring to the table at Oklahoma State that they don’t currently have.”

Oliver’s goal is to play in whatever position the coaches see fit, although his main goal is to play for the Cowboys in a rushing capacity.

With that versatility, Oliver’s hopes are that he is able to see the field early in one capacity or another. 

Another thing that Oliver brings to the table for the Cowboys is speed at the linebacker position, clocking a lasered a low 4.6 40-yard dash time.

“I actually had a laser 4.6, it was either a 4.6 flat or 4.62 or 4.63 something like that, but yeah that was my sophomore year, or actually it was the beginning of my junior year,” said Oliver. “You know, it probably improved by now, I’ve started to work on my speed a whole lot so, we’ll where it is right now.”

Proximity to home as well as being comfortable with the coaching staff is one of the reasons why Oliver picked the Cowboys. 

Another reason why Oliver picked OSU is because of the team's persistence and early recruiting of him.

“It starts out with the coaching staff, they hopped on me real early, they were my first offer so, you know it meant a lot to me that they were the first to jump on my crazy train, you know, real early in the recruiting process,” Oliver said. “That meant a lot and you know, as well as the fit that they have me in as well as the whole culture of Oklahoma State, close to home and they’re a successful winning program, so you know it meant a lot.”

Oliver hasn’t chosen a major yet, however, one of his main goals when he gets on campus is to find a major that he likes, keep his GPA up and focus on football.

Santa Fe High School coach Kyle White is no stranger to coaching OSU players. He's coached current Cowboys, Trace Ford and Calvin Bundage. 

White sees the Cowboys using Oliver in a similar role to Ford, switching him between linebacker and defensive end depending on the play.

“I think he could play either one, I think a lot of it’s going to come down to how big he gets once he gets up there,” White said. “I think he’s athletic enough to play linebacker, he’s strong enough to play defensive end, and I see you know, I can see them doing a lot of what they do with Trace, you know, sometimes defensive end, sometimes linebacker, kind of what they did with Bundage early on, so I think he’s that same mold.”