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Bray shines, shows future of OSU receivers in spring game

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Bray Touchdown

Jaden Bray all smiles with teammates after touchdown 

Wide receiver Jaden Bray and cornerback Anthony Jimmerson jumped in the front corner of the east end zone of Boone Pickens Stadium.

Bray, a freshman, went up for a pass from quarterback Shane Illingworth during the Oklahoma State spring game Saturday. Bray won the contested battle with Jimmerson, scoring the first touchdown of the game, and the unofficial first of his OSU career.

The catch came as no surprise to his teammate Illingworth.

“You see the raw talent. It’s not even raw anymore. He’s going out there and he’s running great routes. He’s had a great spring. A phenomenal spring,” Illingworth said.

Bray is one of the new freshman receivers in OSU’s 2021 class that chose to enroll early, along with John Paul Richardson, Bryson Green and Blaine Green. Coach Mike Gundy said all of them had impressive springs.

“Those guys have had more reps this spring than most starters had in the last 15 years," Gundy said. "We had a few veteran receivers that missed some spring ball and had a little injury here or little injury there and those young guys had the same amount of reps as what a varsity player would have been for us in the past. So, you could see the results today.”

One thing those receivers have in common is their physicality and size. Bray is 6-foot-3 and both Green’s are 6-foot-2.

Richardson is the smallest of the incoming receivers at 6 feet tall, but it didn't stop him from an impressive spring.

Their abilities to be physical has impressed Gundy this spring, and it showed to OSU fans during the game. Having taller and heavier young receivers gives them more weapons to pair with the smaller frame of Brennen Presley, who will play the inside receiver role in 2021.

“One thing that we have with those guys is that this class that came in, they’re all long and tall and are going to be pretty big,” Gundy said. “The Green twins, they’re 215 already, probably going to play at 225. Bray's probably going to play at probably 205-210. So, there’s some length and some body to them that’s going to allow them to play a little bit different football than a guy like Presley."