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Blog: “Outcoached, Outplayed”

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November 21, 2020

11/21/2020 Oklahoma vs OSU football. Photo by Ty Russell

Following a demoralizing Bedlam 2020 Oklahoma State loss, coach Mike Gundy had this to say.

“We lost to a better team. They outcoached us. They outplayed us. You have to give them credit.”

Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley seemed to have a counter move to everything the Cowboys threw at the Sooners. From the first opening minutes of the game, they came right out of the gates with a QB run play, which featured quarterback Spencer Rattler faking a handoff as the Cowboys fell right into their hands.

The Cowboys defense has been the main storyline to its early success this season, but this did not seem apparent in Saturday's game as the Sooners kept piling on points as the game went on.

The Sooners defense was extremely tough as it held the Cowboys to a mere 13 points. The defensive schemes that the Sooners coaching staff drew up ultimately shut down the Cowboys poor offensive effort.

This lack of offensive output was due in large part to the Cowboys QB duo of Spencer Sanders and Shane Illingworth’s mediocre performances in which they combined for a mild 168 yards on 15-for-40 passing, but this can also be attributed to the poor blockingby the linemen. This inefficiency proved to be the downfall of the Cowboys’ chances to match the Sooners’ offensive intensity as the Cowboys took their 6th straight Bedlam loss.

Looking forward, the Cowboys will look to improve on these fixable mistakes to continue pushing through the rest of the season.