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5 tips for OSU apartment hunting

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Dorm life got you down? Big-box apartments feeling too complex?

It's time to move off campus and you're not Greek. But after searching "Stillwater apartments" on your phone, you're feeling overwhelmed. It almost makes you want to study!

To reduce the stress, here are five apartment and house-hunting tips for Fall 2018 in Stillwater.

1) Think about hidden costs. You and your roomies went to a 3-bedroom house for $1200 offering "washer/dryer and dishwasher hook-ups." But "hookup" is not about dating. It means you furnish the washer/dryer and dishwasher. For the three of you, that could send your monthly cost up roughly $50-$75 per month over a year! Remember hidden costs. 

2) Check for silly leasing fees. What does your big corporate landlord do with that "application fee," "administrative fee," or "move-in" fee? Do they check your background? Do they check references? We doubt it. Likely, your big corporate landlords just pocketed your cash because it's built into their business plan. You just signed a contract for annual rent, why pay more?

3) Watch utility rate caps. Having your landlord pay utilities is awesome! But make no mistake, ultimately you pay electric, water, trash, sewer and other utilities in your monthly rent. If your floor or building's use rises above a business-mandated "cap," you pay. Is it you with the excess consumption issue? Or, is it the people down the hall who leave their lights on ALL THE TIME?

4) Close to Campus. (Yeah, right) What does that mean in Stillwater, anyway? It means living where you can walk, ride a bike or board to the Union or Edmon Low or the new Spears building. "Close to Campus" does not mean across from an empty field owned by OSU or miles away on Perkins Road. No. The campus living zone is bounded on the south by Sixth Avenue and the east to Main Street. The north and west sides of campus are, for the most part, campus.

5) Really! Dorm living again? Come on, you're just now getting out of the dormitories, do you really want to move into another? Those big, flashy buildings going up around OSU are awesome, but not much different. People come and go all the time, the walls between your room and the next one are thin, and you just got a roommate with bad B.O. ... Help!

6) Call Maple 500.  (Okay, that’s six tips . We paid for the ad, after all.) If you're looking for premium living and great value in the OSU campus living zone, we've undergone a $1 million renovation at the Maple 500 apartments.

We remodeled bathrooms and kitchens, adding washer/dryers, dishwashers, microwaves, granite countertops, and we refinished our beautiful hardwood floors to provide modern living with a retro vibe. Locally owned and operated by OSU alums, we offer no-fee leasing, no utility rate caps, no corporate hassle, and we truly are close -- one-half block east of the Seretean Center, behind Qdoba.

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