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Quote board: OSU vs. Kansas State

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Offensive Lineman Hunter Woodard setting up for a potential touchdown at Boone Pickens Stadium.

Defensive Coordinator Jim Knowles:

On the secondary's performance:

“I thought we covered extremely well. I thought our match ups on the outside were great. Early on in the game they started taking some shots at us, and we were all over them. Multiple PBU’s, and that just gives the defense confidence. It was just all around a strong performance.”

On Colin Oliver’s impact:

“We love C.O. (Colin Oliver). He plays like a veteran. Headsy player, you can throw a lot at him, he’s really hard on himself if he makes a mistake, he wants to get it right. And I think about all of the reps he had in the spring, coming in early, that just multiplies for him as he becomes the starter. And I’m confident, I’m confident in him”.

Offensive Coordinator Kasey Dunn:

On what he saw from Tay Martin:

“Production. He was great. He practiced well all week long. He had a great test, we gave him a test before the game, and he was lights out with it. Had a great attitude all week long, and had a great attitude coming into today, and (he) showed up. He made some big plays.”

On returning key pieces:

“Oh, it felt great. There’s no hiding it, it felt so much better to have some depth out there, and have some guys running around that had been repping with Spencer (Sanders) for so long. We talk about all the time, all of the time they spend over the summer pitching and catching and spring ball, and timing, and then all of a sudden there’s a new guy here, and a young guy there and somebody like ‘Who’s that”, and that’s what it was for a little bit. So, to get those guys back today and have a little bit of consistency, continuity, and timing again for Spencer was big. It was huge.”

Quarterback Spencer Sanders

On what worked for the offense in the first half:

“Accountability. I trust the guys to get to their spots. We talked about all week certain coverages, certain coverages on plays, and there’s just so many little details about it. I made sure and I stayed and watched a little extra film this week, I just wanted to play better like I said last week. I feel we came out wind played better.”

On what it felt like having the offense click in the first half:

“It was fun. It was exciting. I was excited to get back on the field. I was ready. It was like, we were moving the ball (so well), and we knew we were gonna do it. We just had so much confidence. As long as we can keep that up I feel like we’ll be great.”

Linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez:

On how the defense stopped the run game: 

“It was just good play calling by Coach Knowles. We executed it really well and we knew we had to get (number) 22 stopped and I feel like we did a good job”.

On what Jaylen Warren does well: 

“He’s very physical. You look at him and (you’re) like ‘oh he’s not that physical’. But he can take a hit, and he can deliver hits, and he can cut, so all around just a good (running) back.”

Safety Kolby Harvell-Peel:

On the front 7:

“They just make it so much easier when a quarterback’s having to scramble and roll out. When they play great we play great in the back end. So, I appreciate all those guys and they deserve more love than they be getting.”

Wide receiver Tay Martin: 

On being back on the field: 

“(Being) out there with my teammates. Cause I know we work hard, day in and day out at practice. So, just being out there trying to win a game with them was the best part honestly.”

Head coach Mike Gundy

On the offense stalling in the second half:

“I think it kind of just happened. We weren’t trying to do that”

“We really weren’t trying to do that. In fact, we talked about not doing that. We didn’t block as well for a quarter and a half. Then at the end of the game, when they knew we were running it, we started blocking better. I wish I knew what the answer to that, but that wasn’t the plan. We kind of got into that role unfortunately. Fortunately the defense was playing good.”

On Spencer Sanders performance: 

“I just think he was more consistent tonight. He missed a couple throws, which is alright, which I mean is alright. You’re gonna miss some (throws). But he missed (number) 28 running down the middle of the field, and he’s gonna score a touchdown, there wasn’t anybody home (on defense). Which probably would have ended the game right there. It would have put them in an all pass mode, which is not really where they wanna be. But, I just thought he was consistent.”