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Welcome to OSU, you picked the best school in the state

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Edmon Low Library at Oklahoma State University on November 11, 2020 in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

It’s the first day of school. You walk from your dorm down to Monroe Street, looking both ways before you cross –– although some morons will tell you that you get free tuition if a bus hits you, that’s not true, don’t do that. You look at the sights around you. A sea of orange shirts filled with happy students, people zooming by you on Spin scooters, therapy dogs in every direction. Suddenly the moment hits you: “this school rules.”

As a media major, I’ve done my fair share of voicing my sometimes-harsh opinions on OSU. But if you look at it holistically, it’s unlike any other. Speaking from a purely academic standpoint, some might even call it the best in the state. Don’t believe me? Well the Journal Record just said its undergraduate programs are. You’re getting into a good school, be proud of yourself.

But I’m not here to bore you with boring academic drivel. The academics are just the cherry on top of the school you’re about to experience. When I came from the far-away land of New Jersey as a freshman, I didn’t buy into the hype immediately. Sure, OSU was a cool school to go to, but I wasn’t seeing the “OSU family” aspects of it right away. I thought it was a scam, and honestly, part of me was ready to pack my bags and leave.

But whether it smacks you immediately –– it does to some –– or a whole year after you start there, it’s coming. You will find your OSU family there. People are too kind there for you to not. Whether you’re a fish out of water like me or fit in with the country lifestyle there immediately, you will inevitably find yourself swarmed with good vibes and people that are similar to you, I promise.

Going back to the academic side of things, sometimes that family can be found in the classroom. Do you love a class and subject? There’s probably a club for it. Join it. Joining a club was the main difference maker for me at OSU. It was the thing that transformed me from being “meh” about my school into absolutely loving it.

Fair warning, even when you find your crew, you will still hit bumps in the road. But know that at OSU, you’re never alone. Failed a math test? Go to the LASSO center where a student will teach you. Feeling homesick or overwhelmed with anxiety or stress? University Counseling Services is your best friend and they have resources that will help you immediately. Its website is Go use it. I did this many times.

Use these resources to further your own self happiness and success in your life. OSU is looking –– begging –– for its next success story to come out of it. Let that be you. If you utilize OSU to its fullest potential, you will make your name known in the world. World leaders, business moguls and country music sensations went here. An OSU graduate is about to go to freakin’ space with Jeff Bezos for crying out loud. Add yourself to that legendary list.

But while you’re building your empire here, don’t forget to have fun. OSU is home to countless fun opportunities. Go get cheese fries at Joe’s, go to that tailgate with your friend, go to the spider web near the Student Union to nap. Heck, in a few years, go to Washington Street to see the bars. Go do it all. In the blink of an eye, OSU ends. I still feel like a freshman, but I only have two semesters left. You’ll have that feeling too. The cliche line “time flies when you’re having fun” is overused and dumb, but it’s true here.

You picked a great school. Don’t have any regrets, be patient, call your parents and most of all, spread positivity. OSU is opening up this semester. Come enjoy the best school in the state.